good/bad day

currently obsessed with jason derulo’s ‘it girl’. so catchy…dont usually listen to pop but i secretly kind of like it haha. also hannah montana. secret obsession shhhhhhh…..

anyway school started out awesome fell asleep in spanish and i think almost got a good grade on a quiz on stem-changing verbs (arg) did ok with my flute and finished off in math yay (sarcasm). my almost-friend J asked me for advice on his girlfriend who is apparently feeling insecure in comparison to his ex but i had nothing for him cuz i kind of think like a boy???? according to SOME PEOPLE….

anyway i told him to tell her to can it and that he was with her and therefore looks wouldn’t matter anyway… how did i do? now that i think about it, that might be offensive….well we’ll see how that goes…

got home and parents were fighting again….money stuff, who gets what when they divorce…all the usual. 😦


isn’t it funny how when i have a good day at school, something goes on at home, and when i have a bad day at school home is normal?



One thought on “good/bad day

  1. this is me btw. just wanted to add that that guy mentioned has broken up with his girlfriend cause apparently he did say that. its official. i am awful with relationship advice.

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