actual day….

wellllllllstarted out  ok probably bombed another spanish test i forgot to study for….in math did review for a test in groups and i had a blast with Crush J and Guy Z and Guy J. We pretty much got nothing done and i had to explain everything like 5 times each…..

I’m playing a trio with a flute and a clarinet and sadly, though i have been playing for one year and SDK C has been playing for FIVE, i am better than him. poor guy.

its raining here which is kind of insane for where i live….im all cozy in my beloved sweats.

also thought id add that my ex friend from like 6th grade that i haven’t talked to (literally, we never talked once since then.) went around telling my friends that i am weird, I’m a freak, and she doesn’t like me. mind, we have not TALKED since 6th grade. i don’t even get it. ironically, tons more people talk trash about her, and i stick up for her. haha….

aaaaaaaahhhh… drama.which is odd because i am not usually in the middle of drama, and people usually don’t talk trash about me.

ohhhhh my goooooodness. I just read over what i wrote, and i feel so shallow. Why am i even stressing over this? i should care.

you know what? i DONT care.

I dont.

I am so like those girls in the clique books (which is another thing i am secretly obsessed with.) haahhaha.


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