crush cast

I’ve decide to make a list of all my crushed from this year so far, plus last years if I’m feeling ambitious.

alright. here it is.

9th grade:

1st period: no crush, just an annoying guy with a  nasal voice behind me and a wannabe trying-too-hard kid next to me

2nd period: Crush A! he is not really hot but he’s nice and sweet and he draws AMAZING. he’s a sophomore and on the skinny side….we talk in class and i think we are almost friends 🙂

3rd period: ugh none just i think one little slightly nerdy kid (lets call him SNK C) who i think likes me (he kind of acts ‘cool’ and sits up straight and starts talking all smart) no. just no. he would be nice if didn’t do that.

4th period: OMG hot junior guy (crush B) that i have never talking to except when he corrected one of my answers. SIGH. he’s so nice to everyone plus it doesn’t hurt that he’s totally ripped…..too bad he has a girlfriend ….:(

5th period: I’m not really sure if this is a crush or that i just like him as a friend but Crush J hast he longest eyelashes and he’s really friendly but, annoying, he cusses a lot. plus he has a girlfriend that is ‘f***king hot as hell’. oh wait he’s that guy i mentioned in a previous post with the insecure girlfriend! yep, him.

6th period: just old crushes i ll put them further down because yes i am feeling ambitious.

8th grade:

well my biggest one was XCrush E – super tall and nice to everyone. XCrush Br was a jerk and kind of short but hot. XCrush D teased me by calling me mongolian? XCrush Be was a musically gifted guy a year older than me that also played sports and is RIPPED!(he was the 2nd biggest crush) XCrush CC was a jerk too but hoooootttttt. and btw, my super flirty friend now has a crush on his older bro, who is a slightly uglier version of him.

and thats about it! just wanted to get that down so i can look back and be like oh yeah…..


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