day went ok crush A and i and my other friend have taken to drawing on our desks….we even have code names and that is pretty awesome and i drew an angel fish (like the creepy one from finding nemo!) again Crush A is an artist after all….

in my other class we watched some documentary about policy debaters who spread(speed read) like crazy, and when they breath it sounds like their choking haha..

OH YES forgot a crush yesterday in the same class as Crush A. i dub him Crush R and he’s my other crushed little bro. (haha weird right?) well he got a haircut and i complimented it! yes, i did. i really hope i wasn’t obvious.

and like always sat in silence as popular girls flirted with jerk guys in 6th period. šŸ˜¦

band went ok my teacher is in a super bad mood recently: apparently we are terrible. i borrowed Crush o’s chips! now I’m off to soccer practice, i don’t even have time to study for my math test tomorrow….


just a snapshot of my (not so) crazy life


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