just finished my saturday morning run. its so funny how very out of shape i am when my mile went from 6-30 to 7-40. sigh..

well i just made the awesomest banana chocolate thing where i just melt chocolate and put it on a chopped up banana. except when i didn’t melt the chocolate enough, i stupidly decided to re microwave it – with some banana. well the bananas don’t like being microwaved, and they turned into a bubbling frothy mess. gross, but still ok. don’t want to waste it!

well yesterday at our youth group, we played games (it was game night) there are two new people; one girl from china that just moved next to my friend and another 6th grader girl X who just moved here too. i must say that girl X kind of makes me sad because she is just one of those problem kids who don’t make friends easily. you know, the ones that tell you too much about just themselves and talk too long and laugh when nothings funny. i hope she has an ok time at school 😦

anyway we played a watermelon game and one kid kept making the same exact mistake over and over and ended up doing about 30 pushups for punishment, which surprises me because he really doesn’t look like he can do any…

visited some friends of my mom from when she was in college, and then headed home late. i watched the new episode of project runway. texas accent guy went home? no way….not cool. he was my favorite. soccer game today…i hope we do better than last time..



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