just more about me

btw i heart the song ‘transatlanticism’ by death cab for cutie. i got it from a movie, but when i went to look it up on youtube, there were no full versions of the song! boo hoo 😦

also ‘somebody like you’, ‘sugar, were going down’, and a ton of other songs. my fav band would maybe be neon trees. pop is ok but sort of annoying, and lately I’ve been leaning towards indie, rock, and punk. plus deep inspirational songs. i know, i sound very confused. but i like a lot of music. music is a big part of my life.

also btw, i play piano, and just picked up flute. I’m in the band. i bring my iPod everywhere. i suck at art. i like to eat. i like to run. i like to play soccer, but i might quit if i don’t make the school team. I’m obsessed with going to stanford, I’m interested in alcohol and drugs and how they affect the brain, which i love to read/learn about. i want to do something in the medical field, or in the mentioned above brain thing. i also used to have hopes of being a fashion model, but that was smashed when i stopped growing past 5’5” after being tall my whole life. (sad right? i had an instructor who took special interest in me because i had great measurements, a great walk, and a ‘blank canvas’ and ‘unique’ face. just my height.) i still love fashion and models are my celebrities. I’m obsessed with models abbey lee kershaw and freja beja erichsen (their style! their face! ahhh their so amazing), plus i love ruby aldridge’s style. i like vintage but i never find anything cheap enough (i have a spending money problem) i like doc martens, i like 70’s boho and 90’s chic. i like darker, richer colors and black. i like natural makeup. I like 5 inch heels with no platform. i like loose clothes.

I spend a lot of time making sure and checking that i am not being revealing or too shallow. i don’t wear revealing, tight or overly trendy clothes. I try to be nice to everyone but i know i have mean thoughts. I am hurt when people insult me, i don’t have a thick shell. I don’t tell people my crushes. I don’t tell most people about my family situation at home, or personal problems.

well i think thats enough for now. if i think of more ill post it.


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