doing fine

went to church with my friend since my mom left this morning for a meeting in las vegas. church went fine, my friend led worship which did not go that smoothly because she was improving on the keyboard, which in the end meant that she played too fast and too complicated a tune so none of us could really sing. but of course i said good job cuz thats what friends are for.

went to the market after on the way home before she dropped us off. i worked on my piano theory books (so complicated now – im on the 10th level!) while watching tv. you know that basically equals not getting much done so i finished in abut 2 hrs. did math, did spanish, downloaded some music (i found transatlantism!!!!:)) and now im eating leftovers from yesterday’s feast with our guests. (we cooked about 3 times the amount of food we needed; turns out they beleive in eating light meals. who knew?)

tomorrow i cant go to runway AGAIN because theres no one to send me (like my dad ever would). well, thats harsh. he would, but then he would be all ‘you owe me!’ and ‘you make me work so hard’ and other things he could use against me. i just dont want to be in debt to him, you know what i mean? my dad is kind of childish; he expects you to know exactly what he wants and to do it no matter what, yet he sits on the couch watching dramas all day.

i sound like one of those troubled kids from complicated households.


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