yup, so…

well i just got home from schhoooool

test first period which meant no crush a 😦 i think i did ok and i peeked at my friends work to make sure she was doing ok…not the smartest (well niether is crush a. he was still on number 26 out of 70 when i finished)

then in debate we finally practiced actually debating which i miserabally failed at. i stood there while my friend prompted me every two seconds….bleh. no. not embarrassing at all. really.

at lunch one of my groups decided to hang somewhere else so i got extra bonding with my besties from elementary, especially one who i have not been very close to for the past 2 years or so. mostly because her best friend left early. but still.

and we worked in groups for 6th …..(drum rolll.)…and i have a new crush! i forgot his name (i known, what type of crush is that?) but, in my defense, i just met him. he is nice but he has an injured foot/leg. i didnt ask how cause i dont really know him at all yet, but someday…

too bad he sits across the room from me.

and since we presented and the last group ran late, we stayed back like 3 minutes, which means that my friend waiting outside got to wait alone, as everyone else left. like always. she always lets us out late.

and now im home and im not going anywhere today like i said 😦 plus there is nothing to eat but gross leftovers from two days ago. this trying to be healthy thing is really hard when my mom isnt home. my dad is anti-everything i say….

oh yes. my food. i have a pretty weird relationship with food. i like to eat, but i limit myself because i dont want to get fat. however, on the flip side, i know that even if i pig out, i wont get fat anyway. (i have a super speedy metabolism) i dont know why i keep worrying about it.

but i also like to eat healthy just so i can feel better. i am sort of obsessive, like i count exactly how many grams of fiber i eat (at least 25 grams per day), i count protein ( at least 40 grams) and calories (under 1,500). i make sure at each meal i get grains (whole wheat. i dont eat white, so i tell people it makes me feel sick, but really its just not healthy. i hate it when people are all ‘you dont need to go on a diet, your so skinny!’ when im NOT on a diet.), fruit (not too much) and veggggiiies! (a ton of vegs.) yup. thats it.

and when there is something unhealthy that i want, ill usually eat it and be okay about it, but thats once in a while, and i have to reallly, really want it, and then i cant eat too much.

ps. i hate eggplant. gross. and spicy food. nasty. its PAIN in your MOUTH, people! its like being emo!


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