there was a heat wave thing ugh like 90 degrees. but i got to wear my awesome high-waisted shorts and this pretty silk top so im happy.

btw i obsess over what i wear. shallow, i know. but i want to look effortless, slightly adrogoness (how do you spell that), and eclectic. if only i had the guts (or the weather!) to wear that. sigh.

but anyway i check the weather every day and then play out my outfits for each day of the week. crazy.

well this morning my entire school (not seniors) took the PSAT. as i may not have blogged, i am realllly obsessed with college and if we do good enough on this test, you could get a 2,500 dollar scholarship to whatever college you end up going to! that is huuuuge. plus, its good practice. i personally think it was pretty easy except i forgot all about what functions were, and there were like 10 function problems! arrrg.

well then i had bio where i got my friends number (huge for me, i dont get peoples numbers unless i actually want to be your close friend.) crush A didnt really talk, i guess he wasnt feeling that social that day???

then my old friend from middle school seems to be drifting away from me. she just left for lunch without me, didnt say hi……i hope we dont get awkward, we had a rough start but i feel like we were really close…. 😦

made plans for halloween with some newish friends, plus my old besties. also we are going to this awesome haunted thingy! awesome right?

and just wondering should i go to homecoming. i dont want to go and then have everyone hook up and leave alone…that would suck. but it sounds fun. hmmmmm what to do.

weeeeeelll went to 4th where we played a pretty fun game. it involved ppublic speaking and i got my words all jumbled up and every laughed(joy) but i still won! extra cred, here i come πŸ™‚

and finally my favorite class (NOT). we have so many tests. and i have no friends. i will not stop obessesing.


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