oh yes

i forgot about yesterday! we had band picture day, and it was hilarious because i was talking to this girl, and we were saying how pictures never look good, and we just knew the wind was going to blow our hair into our faces so we looked awful in the picture. and it HAPPENED! lollllllllllllllllllllllll. we are almost friends now.

hung out until the actual band practice at 5. i justed talked and played with this girls hair which is an amazing afro.

then when practice started, our teacher got really pissed. (which isnt really unusual or anything) but this time she got so mad she made us run. not that much, but remember, this is a band we are talking about. this was serious stuff, and half the people were huffin and puffin when we finished.

then when we went to get picked up, i got to wait around because my bro forgot to pick me up. so i stood awkwardly outside of some clique in our band, but they were nice enough to be like ‘oh hey ____’. so not extremely awkward.

then when i got home i didnt feel like doing anything so i just ate veggies while watching wizards or waverly place (i love that show. secretly, of course. im going to be so sad when it ends. and honestly, ive had a girl crush on selena gomez since the show started. not so much now, but it used to be stalker-territory)

thats way enough for now, especially since i have tests in every period tomorrow . bleh.


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