i had one of those funny days when you think everything is going to go wrong but instead it turns out ok. i woke up early this morning so i could secretly do my sit-ups and pushups and such (my mom would think I’m crazy, but its only 20 minutes earlier!) but me and my mom had another fight (Oh yah, she came back home yesterday, and today is her birthday) about my flute – i want a ok flute thats cheap, she wants to get a super expensive pearl flute, which is insane – and also about my band tournament because i have to leave early because of soccer and i was not all that eager to go after last weeks fiasco. i just know i will go to band practice next week and everyone will have hilarious inside jokes….

but now I’m excited because we did pretty good at practice, we played a younger guys team and we were winning 2-0, until they scored 3 in the end. but thats ok cuz they’re pretty good, too. i also saw some of my friends that i reallllly miss from my middle school. too bad i have absolutely zero time to hang out – they’re gonna think i forgot about them 😦

ok school.we had an awful sub in espanol. she was clueless and our class was awful.


her: ‘time for the quiz!

us: oh, our teacher lets us work in partners

her: are you sure?

us: yah, of course! plus we can use our books.

AND THEN SHE LET US!!! like i said, just awful. but funny. i love-hate stupid substitutes.


alright, and in band, i am still pretty bad but in my defense it has only been a year (and then nothing) and then 3 months! we are working on sounding musical (which i need help in for piano too) and playing softly on the high notes, which i do terribly because i try to eek them out and they sound all airy.

and finally math, my table is bonding slightly. still pretty quiet, though. we switched seats last class which means no more crush/friend J. however his girlfriend did break up with him, like i said, dating in midd and high school is a huge joke.

and i don’t know if i blogged this before, but my friend broke up with her jerk face boyfriend recently, too. see? a huge joke.

on the way to and practice this really quiet guy waved at me. i don’t really know him but he seems to have been waving at me recently and i think he likes me. how sweet! but no. i seem to attract all the sweet but dorky-cute guys. sigh.

we have a band tournament this saturday! so nervous, i haven’t memorized the song yet! not that i really play, but still.

anyway, today i wore high-waisted shorts, and i was all proud because my sit-ups have been working! my stomach is so amazing (not to brag or anything) its rock hard and pretty flat. however there is still a tiny eeny lump on my lower abs when i eat too much which i have been desperately trying to work off…sigh. but i lost an inch! i now have  a 23 inch waist, and i can hit 21 when i suck and flex. i think its perfect, so I’m not going to go further.

so when i got home from soccer, we ate cake for my mom and sang happy birthday in 3 different languages (english, chinese, and spanish) and now i feel sick because it was tiramisu-esque, really rich cake and i never eat stuff like that.

fun 6th period tomorrow. not.



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