i went to church this morning and one of the moms has breast cancer. i feel like i should be crying, but i don’t know her all that well, even though she is really nice and hilarious. this is a problem for me, i don’t really feel sad when i really should. we also talked about fasting, which i will never be able to do because i have an eating problem. so we are fasting from things or habits, and I’m going to fast from candy because it would be impossible for me to fast from anything else.

we were all figuring out what to fast from this week, and this one girl couldn’t think of anything. she said she had no hobbies, habits, or pastimes she liked to do. she didn’t go on any social networking sites or hang out with any friends. while that sounds awful, it kind of made me feel better about myself (which is terrible of me) because sometimes i feel like i have no life too.

last week, we were throwing around prayer requests, and this one girl asked us to pray she finds friends. she said she had none. sadly,  i can kind of see why. (I’m so horrible! this is why this is anonymous) she is kind of weird and not the most likable, but she reminds me of me when i was younger. in 2nd and 3rd grade, i had no real friends. but her little confession made me guiltily feel better.

i didn’t go running this morning, which i feel really bad about, but i did sleep in for the first time in like a month so thats all good.

when i got home, i ateeeeeee and ate about 300 calories while mindlessly watching tv, and now i get to do homework. my life is so interesting, right?


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