doing fine

i went running this morning but i got lazy and just jogged slowly. which meant i didn’t really work out, and i still took an entire hour. got back, was late to school….

well my tournament went just fine. it was fun on the way too, my friend showed me a new band. which reminds me, i need to go look them up…

we practiced on the back field for a while while sweating in our ridiculous uniforms: choking hats and collars, sleeves that both limit your movement and act as a isolator to the outside air, and shoes that DO NOT BEND. but it was fine, because the director was in a good mood, and we were rehearsing next to a terrible band that sounded like dying animals, and that made me feel better. also, i think i am becoming friends with this guy. we were continuing a conversation from yesterday about his brand new iPhone 5, the one that ordered in the mail and i teased him for being spoiled. (he already has the iPhone 3, and its perfectly fine!) but its so cool! it has this voice command thing, where it will text what you say, and it will do what you say, and it carries a conversation with you!

also we had these horrible feathers in our hair, which is kind of hilarious because i was talking to said guy with iPhone 5 that i was so glad that at least our uniforms didn’t have those awful feathers some other band had, and lo! we do. apparently they’re called ‘plumes’ and they are so expensive you can’t touch them with our dirty hands. i think they’re annoying, uncomfortable, and makes us look like we have a raccoon tail sticking out of our heads.

anyway, we got onto the field and i messed up a it because she changed this thing last minute and everyone got confused. and i see my mom waving and frantically screaming in the bleacher haha. i think we did good in general, but i didn’t play half the time because i am in the VERY front and if i mess up everyone would hear.

i had to leave early for my soccer game, but i just know that everyone was gonna have so much fun and have so many inside jokes. i am going to feel so left out on monday, cuz as i left they were all hanging out of the bus screaming ‘bye we love you!’ sigh….plus they all went to breakfast without me, apparently i was invited (they all screamed at me for not going) but i don’t think they gave me an actual invite so….


alright, the soccer game. my mom got lost because of stupid google maps and we ended up asking a stranger for her GPS. we drove there, i was 10 minutes late, but we already scored 2 goals! so sad…possibly the saddest game i have ever played, the other team was trying so hard but they were terrible; they kept clumping up the field and their forwards could not control the ball. they would dribble right into us. and we would steal it. i got a few runs, and a few shots. we scored a goal off my corner kick. the game ended 5-1 (we just let one in) and none of us were sweating at all.

my friend took me home and her little brother was making no sense. he was all ‘gummy bear plus gummy bear equals two thousand farts!’ and then he would laugh wildly. then he was like ‘what’s my favorite soda?’ and we guessed everything including fanta, and in the end we give up and he’s all ‘its fanta!’. ahhhhh….hes only 5 so its all good.

now i get to eat after a realllllly long day.


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