yet ANOTHER uneventful day! i should stop saying that cuz thats how all of them are….ha.

anyway, 2nd went ok we watched some movie on barn owls, and crush A is almost talking to me again! 4th went fine too, just took notes on some speech events..more on that later. i spent lunch planning for debate, where this nice guy that i know from math helped me out! 6th was slightly better, because i am making friends with 2 girls. band went ok, too, work our butts off and i didn’t bring a sweater so i froze and my hands were literally turning blue, in fact i couldn’t play the music (not that i usually play all that much or anything) cuz they went numb. joy….
i also talked with my almost friend there R and crush O joined in and talked with us so that counts for something right? i planted an idea of hanging out in a group so we’ll see how that goes hmhmh (see how sneaky i am?)


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