homecoming blahs

well. I’m not going to homecoming. so i have nothing to do tonight because everyone’s at homecoming, and the friend i was going to make plans with made plans with some guy. i sometimes wish i had a guy friend, you know? just a friend, but nothing more. just a really great friend.

yesterday, nothing happened in first, nothing happened in 3rd, and nothing happened in 5th. i was sleepy the whole day, and in math, i spent the whole time desperately copying the math notes because everyone else printed it out while i a had to draw all 9 graphs.
walking back, I’m starting to bond with some other band freshies. this sax-guy, was really nice and we walked together. it went pretty smoothly; no awkward silences or anything. do i sense a platonic friendship with a guy for outside of school?

piano went fine, rushed back to put my hair in a dumb hairspray bun helmet of horror for band, then rushed to band. last night was the homecoming game, and since last time i spent the whole time on the edge of the block surrounded by relative strangers, i made sure to sit next to a friend, including Crush O! yay! we talked and he was trying to teach me about football. so confusing. they made a touchdown so many times, and apparently its a touchBACK? what??? anyway…

i went to a certain fast food restaurant like tradition (i didn’t go last time because while my friends were all getting arranging rides, i was feeling left out on the sidelines) and on the way, they were talking about how hot the freshies were in band this year. i secretly agreed, but to keep with my pure reputation, i said no. they are not that hot.

i got home late and slept late. so late that i slept through my alarm this morning and didn’t have time to run! uuuuuugh.

soccer game today, I’m gonna wish myself luck cuz no one else reads this thing!


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