i (finally) for the first time in the entire school year hung out with a friend! i just know how pitiful that is, and i tell myself its cuz I’m too busy, but really i could make time. maybe. and when friends do invite, i either tell them i can’t to make it seem like i have really important plans (when i really am just practicing instruments or something like that) or i say yes but they don’t follow through. 😦

so this morning i got up and decided to be lazy and not go running. again. i just know I’m gonna fail and start getting flabby again. i also flubbed my mini-workout, i did about half then got bored.

had a fight with my mom about my clothes, apparently i dress too ‘old’, but i just like wearing looser, richer colored clothing! and not revealing! my mom thinks i should ‘treasure my youth’.

got to church late, we talked about reading the bible. i once tried to read through the entire bible. and i was going to, too. really. but i just got to leviticus, and just DIED. its so tedious, and i was too young for it too make any sense. i even (gasp) asked my pastor what ‘discharge’ from men was, because i thought only girls had discharge. oh. my gosh. i can’t believe now that i even asked that. so embarrassing!

after church, i got home, and my friend came about half an hour later. she is supposedly my best friend, but not really. but really she is really great, i just feel like we are not that close because she is busy all the time.

we talked for a bit, then called some other friends to see if they could come. they couldn’t, but we started to prank call.

them: yes?
me: yes?
Them: what?
Me: who is this?
them: this number called me.
Me: what? what are you talking about? who is this?
Me: is this a prank call? ugh.!!!


Me: hello?
Them: hello????
me: ugh, its you again! STOP calling me!
Them: i didn’t! this number called me!
hang up.


we talked more about the homecoming dance (she went, i didn’t) and apparently i was right. all they did was grind, and they counted the number of people they grinded with. she got more than 10, and our other friend got 9, which is apparently good for a first timer. I’m glad i didn’t go, because I’m pretty sure i would get 0, plus its not really something i want to get into anyway.

anyway, we got kicked off by my mom and we went outside to put out halloween decorations, then we started to carve a pumpkin my mom bought. we to sidetracked and ate snacks for about an hour, then carved some more. then we ate dinner (yum) and we watched bruce almighty. which might be my favorite. b-e-a-utiful!

then we brought the pumpkin in and finished watching the movie while carving. we took the seeds and roasted them, and they were good. 🙂

then her dad came 😦 and she left after like half an hour. fun day 🙂


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