just fineeeeee

well i got to bed late last night but its ok because we had another late start! i got to school and was all hyper….had a fun time. saw an old best friend that never hangs out with us anymore and i just knocked her over with a huge hug 🙂

in 4th i had my second debate actually about the space exploration! i have to say my partner is better than me and that makes me really insecure about debate…crush V was watching and he was all, ‘don’t worry i hate that aft too :)’. of course i brushed it off with an ‘ok……’ but i was secretly rejoicing inside!

well we didn’t do too weel but thats ok 🙂

lunch went fine, talked to a few friends and made some more plans and planted more seeds. i have this fear of having nothing to do on the weekends….it makes me feel as if i have no life ha.

so english we just wrote an in-class essay the entire time, and i finished early and that just happened to be the one day where i forgot to bring my iPod there goes half an hour of reorganizing my binder….

got home and now i gotta go to my mom’s office for this check up thing..


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