fun fun

im gunna start out with the regular school day

well 2nd went uneventfully, crush A is done, over, nothing.

4th went fine, silly debates and i think we won but the varsity judge didn’t tell us 😦

lunch went fun, and not so fun. i kind of gave away my lifelong secret of my family problems, and to a person that i didn’t really want to tell because i just know it will be all over soon.

6th went fine, too, literally fell asleep from a combination of boredom, exhaustion, and also something in that class just makes me sleepy.

picked up the thing we made when we hung out yesterday, then rushed to the car , where a family friend was waiting. her husband got in a motorcycle accident (ah!) but he’s relatively fine, at least compared to what would have happened.

so she drove me to piano, piano went fine, my dad picked me up. got home, changed, went to this band party someone planned. actually fun. there was a costume contest, which we lost miserably, and some games, and the world series was playing and i rooted for the texas rangers. they lost, obvi. then we watched a movie.

but no that is not the important part. the important part is that i have a new crush!

you may know him as PGF T, but now he has been promoted to Crush T 🙂

so cute and nice and he just might….

just maybe…

likes me back!

we were sitting on the coach and he sat next to this girl, and then he got up again and squeezed into the seat next to me! then he talked to me and only me the whole time haha…..

and then crush O invited me to a movie (casually, in a group), which annoyingly was on a day i couldn’t go…. :(((((((((((((((((”

well g2g getting up early for a tournament


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