so i got up this morning and what do you know, i caught the horrible sore throat that everyone is getting. plus i got my period (funny how it always comes at the absolute worst times, like right before your birthday pool party, or right before a long road trip) and it was HEAVY. very heavy. and yes, cramps and sick-feeling galore.

despite this, i somehow managed to push through 🙂 and get up at the early wee hours, like at 5 30 to get ready and get to my friends house so she could take us there, but we ended up getting there about half and hour early of the 1 hr early we were supposed to be there. so since i wasn’t prepared AT ALL, i spent the whole time prepping and cutting out our disads and my 1AC.

oh yes and i now am pretty sure the really quiet kid has a crush on me. after each of my rounds he went to find me and ask how i did, (and not my partner, too, just me) and then wish me luck on my next round. awwwww so sweet. but no.

so our first round we were both clueless but i think we did just fine. we ended up losing (when that team got 1st place, which is ridiculous because they weren’t even that good. and I’m not just saying that cuz I’m bitter, its because they HONESTLY weren’t that great. I’m not saying they were bad, we debated way better teams in our later rounds, in fact, i would say they were the worst!)

but ANYWAY, we were neg and they ran SBSP. we didn’t run a counter plan the whole day cuz we just don’t think we can handle it. yah. so one of the speakers was really convincing and made decent arguments. the other speaker was kind of boring and awful and didn’t do very good. but it was a lay judge who didn’t understand that you CAN bring new evidence in the 1NR (cuz of the neg block), but whatevs

next round (btw, there is NO TIME to eat or pee or do anything between rounds) we were aft, which is my favorite. I’m the 1AC, so i just read my prewritten speech all eloquently and then i have practically the entire debate to prep :). we had a lay judge who kept nodding at everything i said and shaking her head at the other team and we were all eloquent and stuff and our arguments were really good (and their disads made no sense and were awful, plus they dropped a ton of stuff). so I’m pretty sure we won that one. the girl was super eloquent and a great speaker, she dramatized everything and was supa good at telling stories. great for lay judges. the guy had a flat voice and stumbled all over himself.

the third round was against the best team that had gotten to finals at this big tournament. we were al scared. we got a flow judge this time, it was a student of policy debate so he knew exactly what he was talking about. we were aft, so i read my 1AC eloquently and added in some cards to it since i could talk faster with this guy. it was hilarious because he was so casual, just sitting in the back and checking his fb and eating tacos and noodles. but yeah. so i finish and sit down, and they get up and run 4 DISADS!!!! ahhh! 4 disads? so we panicked cuz he was a really, really good speaker and he talked fast and was SUPA eloquent (and not bad-looking)(later on the way out, we were talking and he said that he thought he stuttered a lot) so emily got up and made some great arguments, turning their case and everything. cross ex went awfully, i ran out of questions in the first minute and a half, and just shuffled papers for the rest. the other girl got up and she stuttered a LOT, but she read fast and fine.

in the end, they ending up losing all their disads cause we are boss like that and they sort of lost control cuz 4 disads? in novice? that is just too much too handle.
they did good on case, though.

so since the judge was flow, he gave us tons of advice on what we messed up on, what we did good, and what we should work on. then he disclosed, and we WON!!!!! which is odd because i thought we had lost, but the judge saw a bunch of arguments and the theories behind it that we didn’t even fully understand so thats all good.

then we had a break, where everyone oohed and aaahed at us winning that round. Crush V was teasing me about how my food is always gross, but i let him try some and he liked it. plus we TALKED. yesss….he has great eyes.

our 4th round we hit these asian guys who didn’t disclose their aft, and they were all antisocial about it too. then they got up there and SPREAD. we were panicking so muchD! they went paper, too, so we couldn’t follow along, we had to read their evidence afterwards.

the judge was flow and a policy student, and he was really nice. we were neg and i was super confused because i didn’t understand what they were even running until halfway through the entire debate, i did a great cross ex though. afterwards, the judge told us everything we did wrong and right. apparently both sides disappointed him on some things, and on others we did really good. we were confident in there, but later we figured that we lost. it doesn’t really matter, though, because we got tons of advice from the judge.

i was going to head straight to soccer afterwards, but the rounds ended late so there was no point going. so i went to awards and we got 8th team out of 12th, which is a lot better than i thought. the best team got 3rd (which is cuz of us, of course, since they lost to us.) our friends got 2nd and i already said who got first. our school in general came in 3rd. Crush V placed 4th and Quiet kid placed 6th. (btw, crush v friended me one fb. kind of. i sent the request and he accepted! :))


we went home afterwards, (i fell asleep in the car, i pretty much lost my voice, and my cramps are still going on) but in all i had a ton of fun and i might actually end up liking policy debate 🙂

but i got invited to this halloween party,and i invited my friends to come with, but she couldn’t go last minute because she got injured. so i decided to stay home because a) i would have to go alone, when i only know one person there, the host and b) i am sick, i lost my voice, and it hurts to talk.

so thats it. I’m going to bed early so my mom doesn’t kill me ‘you’re trashing your health’ [eye roll]


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