slightly disappointing crush v day

wellllllll i had a dream that i woke up super late and dressed awfully and looked like a wreck and went to school and crush v ignored me….. and then i woke up early. so yah i took twice as long to do my mini-workout…..i made it more of a strength thing because i didContinue reading “slightly disappointing crush v day”

brother college apps

btw, just though id put it on here that my brother is working really hard on his college app essays. and we are all really, really worried. he is applying to all the UC schools, and we all know that the server is going to crash tomorrow (which is the deadline). so he has toContinue reading “brother college apps”

impure thoughtssss

well yesterday we had our high school girls small group thing. we talked about impure thoughts and how far is too far and all of that stuff. We were talking about how too far is around where you start or make others start to think impure thoughts, like about sex. its interesting, because we wereContinue reading “impure thoughtssss”

decent boring day

woke up on time, did my mini workout, dressed in a pretty tunic and cuffed my jeans. the tunic was slightly sheer…..but only in the sunlight. went to school, was on time, switched seats in spanish and now I’m next to awesome people plus my friend P! yay after spanish, i looked discreetly for CrushContinue reading “decent boring day”

boring, nice day at home

basically a day of rest and getting things done. so i get up nice and early and watch twilight while i digest my cereal. my day starts out great because i wake up with a somewhat flat stomach! for the first time in days! YAYYYY i go running around 8:30, and i run outside andContinue reading “boring, nice day at home”


so after planning to get up at 4:30 and leave around 5, of course my alarm clock was not on and i end up panicking after waking up at 5:30. of course. because everything always goes smoothly for me. so i call my friend M and her mom, and they slept in too! so weContinue reading “BLACK FRIDAY”

sleepover and thanksgiving

well lets see….after my ‘invigorating mini workout’ (did i really write that?) i played piano for a long time and listened to horowitz play it, too….he is so amazing and so expressionless…insane. later i vacuumed the house to get ready for thanksgiving, then i went to my friend J’s house an hour late. my friendContinue reading “sleepover and thanksgiving”

tons of friends :)

well where did i leave off…. oh yes, jogging. it failed miserably. i went to the gym to jog, where i just didn’t feel like it. i don’t know why. i just DIDNT have the motivation. plus when i jogged back up to put my jacket away, my calves were BURNING so bad, even thoughContinue reading “tons of friends :)”