so happy 🙂

last night band went fine except during the sectional, they made me play to see if i cold do it and i could only play the hard parts slow. my friends were all laughing at me, but they said i was getting better. i don’t want to be ‘getting better’, i want to be good!!!! they don’t realize that i am amazing at piano!!! plus they said that the SNK that sucks even though he has played 5 years that he had ‘a ton of potential!’ whatevs, cause the actual instructor knows i have potential and he is awful.

the actual rehearsal went fine, we were talking about this girl that no one likes because she is an awful marcher. i was defending her because she is a nice enough person even though she doesn’t talk much, but they were all trashing her! well the reason she doesn’t talk people is because she has no friends and everyone hates her! this is a circle! so later on just to show them who’s boss, i went and said hi and talked to her and walked with her, and she was nice enough. they all gave me looks though…

and we marched and i did awfully, i was completely out of the line for an entire set! AHHHHH! plus i was getting the guts to say hi to crush T the entire rehearsal, but he left or something! so i was sort of depressed the rest of the time.

when i got home i ate a ton (which is not good, sleeping on a bunch of calories and i woke up on an annoying lower -ab potbelly the next morning) plus my bro came home and he tore a ligament in his ankle!

yup so when i woke up i went right to sleep, and slept in until 6:40 ahhh! did my business, you know, and other stuff like getting dressed and half of my mini-workout. got downstairs, ate oatmeal, left late, helped my bro carry his backpack to his class, was late to my class, got through spanish pretty pleasantly. during break the girl who apparently hates me was talking to my friend and i awkwardly talked to her, too. its so weird pretending you don’t know what people think of you.

band went fine, so awkward with SNK because he pretends he doesn’t like me, and i try to be decent to him. same with the mentally challenged one. i hit the high B flat perfectly though, and it started to sound good!

lunch went fine, i ate this awesome rice and talked to some people i haven’t talked to in a while. math we switched seats, and I’m next to this nice kid who has guy friend potential, and the class clown. he’s surprisingly un-obnoxious, and nice kid is great. he let me borrow his ruler, his notes, and he helped me work this impossible graphing calculator. my old table-mate came over and hung with our table. i guess this means we are friends???? officially? or not friends, but closer acquaintance. i have special requirements for friends. really, really strict requirements that most other people don’t have. i have to be able to trust them with ANYTHING, they have to be completely loyal and truthful to me, and so much more. by this definition, i have no friends. i know these are super high standards, but ill find one someday…

i walked with my frenemies. got home.ate an apple and watched project runway. i am going to just chillllllll



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