pretty amazing day :)

ok so yesterday i chilled too much and now I’m freaked for time. i have a math test and a spanish midterm tomorrow, and i suck at both. i have math homework, but I’m not going to do it so i can rest.

today i woke up nice and early and got through all of my mini workout! i haven’t run in a super long time and I’m not going to get to for a few weeks :(…..out of shape? yeah.

so i made a turkey and pesto sandwich and off to school i went! second went by fun, joked off like always. fourth….AHHH


Crush V commented on my sandwich like always, even though todays wasn’t even weird. i was so witty and clever, when he asked what the green stuff was, i said ‘mold.’ in a sarcastic voice. yup. thats clever right there. and later, we had a convo, and then our class decided to do impromptu speeches. so of course Crush V goes up and gives this great speech on pencils, of all things, then this freaky kid goes up and does a hilarious desk banging, screaming rant on giving toothpicks and other dental hygiene to starving africans (have not laughed so hard in forever) and then….what does Crush V do? of course he knows i hate public speaking, so of course he volunteers me to give a speech. he raises his hand and says….”i think _____wants to go.” then he gives me this grinning evil smile, and i say (witty) “and I think your need a head check.” yup and everyone laughs but the president is set, and goes alright ____i think you want to go too, even though he totally knows and is teasing me too. so while i get my two minutes of prep, everyone is staring and Crush V is doing this annoying little chuckle at me, and I’m so stupid i pick current events. well i get a choice of three current events i have no idea about, so i randomly choose ‘the civil unrest in the middle east.” what? i thought that was over a year ago!!!

so panicking i go up there and talked for four minutes about how there is an awful civil unrest (and thats it. i don’t know anything about it.) and how there is rioting (which i make up). then i halt for a full 10 seconds while i try to come up with something. then i continue about how lucky we are that the government can’t shoot us down because we have freedom of speech, and the WONDERFUL, great amazing, constitution. then i stop for 30 seconds. then i try to tell an anecdote to fill up the time. still panicking, i say…”i was in my living room when i heard about egypt…….and it was on tv…….and it sounded awful……..and i was sad.” the whole class cracks up. i ended a minute early.

very, very embarrassing. plus i have a terrible habit of running my hand up and down my abs and in the cuts when I’m nervous, and my friends told me it looked really awkward. NONONONO

yeah, thanks crush V.

went to FCA for lunch,  my friend thinks that crush V likes me because of the little episode and how he always talks to me. i wish.

6th went fine, we did peer editing the whole period. i was pretty harsh on their essays harhar.

then we had band. my other senior friend also in debate thinks Crush V likes me too…….i wish..if only,if only.

we were at attention, and the cross country team runs by, and since crush V is on cross country, i search the team for him. not there. sigh.

band went great, i actually played and we have a crazy early tournament on saturday. made plans with my band friends to go for lunch after the tournament. should be fun stuff.

got home, did some homework, downloaded some new songs I’m obsessed with (old songs really, by coldplay. i love ‘yellow’, and ‘the scientist, and ‘fix you’.), and played piano like a boss. competition in a month!

and off to soccer! we just scrimmaged the guys team and this little 5-foot eighth grader is flirting with me the entire time, sorry buddy, but being obnoxious and annoying is not attractive. coach said i played amazingly great, i took a ton a shots and dribbled and defended fine, but i did not score once. we won 4-3 for the first time, though. too bad I’m missing the game on saturday, and the one after that


plus my bro’s torn ligament? really bad. the doctor is talking about surgery. this is REALLY bad, because this could be the end of his soccer, and all of his college and stuff is riding on that. since he out for this school team this year, that basically means he’s out for the rest of high school. its awful. this morning i had to carry his backpack and have him lean on me and hobble all the way to his classroom. I’m really worried.



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