good dayyyyy…to continue my good week

k got up super early for the band tournament, so early it was dark and nighttime. are you ready? 4:30. nighttime in me-land.

did my stuff, put up my hair, got ready. it was insanely cold so i bundled up in a huge scarf, a tank, a sweater, a cardigan, spandex, and sweats. and a gansta hat to hide my ridiculous bun (not like the hat was much better) plus my marching shoes. so obvi i was super freaky looking, but at 4 in the morning with a bunch of band peeps, who cares?

so i got to school, where i walk with this super nice kid. i try to make condo, and its awkward because he answers all short. plus its freezing. it weird because before he was so nice and open with me….

so i get there and everyone’s in sweats and blankets and awful looking. still dark out, we pile into the bus, and it ends up me and a few of my older friends and my bestie are on the guys bus. oh, well, secretly happy about that. so i goof off with my bestie because we are slightly delirious and hyper from getting up so early. my crush is in front of me, talking to my friend, and my other crush is in the seat in front of that. so i stare at the back of their head, while my other friend looks like a creepy hitchhiker wrapped up in a blanket sleeping. we get there, change. hilarious because me and my bestie are still hyper and we are running around, and when we change, we have to take off our outer layers so we are freezing wide awake while everyone else is practically asleep. then we change on the bus, then forget a bunch of stuff a ton of times. i talk to my crush T. we come back cause forgot sunscreen, and he goes: uh, are you going to make up your mind? we go, oh do you want some sunscreen? and he goes, no I’m trying to change. in fact, all the guys are since its the GUYS BUS. not embarrassing, no.

and also my bestie and i were joking around and we were listening to songs on my iPod and singing them off key, and we both secretly love hannah montana, so we were listening to her and we wrote ‘hannah montana ❀ 4ever – you are one in a million! – RIP’ on the window’s condensation and everyone laughed and stuff. including crush O. and Crush T. heck yeah πŸ™‚

i have also picked up saying ‘cool story bro.” as a joke just cause

warm up (difficult since i blow warm air into my flute and two seconds later its so cold it sticks to my lip). but i was the only flute in tune so HA!

we perform, and it goes good, i mess up the tiniest bit so i don’t think they noticed. after we changed back, i awkwardly took off the uniform in front of a marching band walking by, and a bunch of band kids, i was wearing a skimpy tank top and spandex. totally body-con. well at least my abs looked great πŸ™‚

we go start to scheme to get my friend to hang with this guy that she said she thought was cute (crush T), and she’s totally shy so we are being very discreet. crush T has no idea.

anywhoooo we watch some other bands and there were some really cool ones, i sit next to two friends, barred from crush O, and crush T 😦

later we go to watch the parade bands, they are BORING, but i sit next to this nice girl-that-no-one-really-likes but i do cause she’s nice and awesome, and i did her hair (i put pine needles in it haha. i love her hair, its great and curly)

later we watch awards and we win first place for our class! heck yeah!!!! supa awesome.

also i would like to add that the people i thought hated me don’t really, they are nice now πŸ™‚

we are about to leave when the bus alarm is going off because of some glitch, and i am right next to the speaker and I’m dying. they fix it after like 10 minutes though.
on the way back my bestie left for soccer, so i was there with a bunch of my upperclassmen buds, and we talk and crush O shows me some youtube vids and we talk. he shows me a freshman photo of him (totally disheveled dork haha) we play some group games with us awesome people in the back of the bus. then the awful happens


ok so i don’t know many dirty things, and everyone else does, so they are talking about some kid jacking off in class, so i lean over the seat to crush O and whisper, whats jacking off? he gives me this evil grin, and the back of the bus goes quiet and everyone is like, what did she say? and he tells them, the idiot, and they all laugh and try to explain it. then we are watching a vid, and its says twat, and i say whats a twat? then crush O goes only you wouldn’t know what that is, all other freshman would. i so i use this as an excuse to talk to Crush T, and i say, whats a twat? you don’t know right? and he tells me its a pussy. stupid me, i say whats a pussy? arg everyone hears and laughs. they tell me and i awkwardly try to leave the condo by putting in my headphones. they laugh more. its spread to high school, everyone knows how clueless i am. at least no one gossips about me badly….i think.

so to try to get Crust T and my friend together (just for fun, even though i like him) i invite him to grab food with us later. now i definitely know he thinks i like him, which is true but i don’t want him to know! i just want to be friends right now. so we walk back together, and he goes, ‘I’m not interested in asain girls.” my friend is asian so we are sad, but it also breaks me inside. 😦 i think he was joking….i hope he was joking.

so we leave to grab food when everyone else gets back on the other bus, we pick up my bestie, grab food, gossiping the whole way. apparently there is a ton of band drama. a TTTTOOOOOOONNNNNNNN. everyone secretly hates someone else. so many skeletons in closets, you know? last year stuff, this year stuff….

this is what i got. apparently (my bestie told me) no one talks bad about me because I’m so innocent and nice. yes, because i love to be known just as innocent and nice! so boring! ugh….. owen hates my friend that no one really likes, and she has a huge crush on him, she wants to ask him to formal. so crush O begged my friend to go with him as friends so he wouldn’t have to turn the other girl down that bad. i don’t understand. crush O is not hot, really, at all, he’s just a great guy. plus, i think my friend going with him has a crush on him, she was telling me how she would go out with him if he was hotter.

so i got home, ate celery, then rushed off with my friend and her mom and my grandparents to my mom’s choir performance at my church. she was pretty good, but since i got up so early i was really tired and fell asleep halfway through but my grandpa woke me up πŸ™‚

my friend told me she kissed her crush. if only, if only…

oh yes and all my friends from debate tell me that crush V has a crush on me since he teases me and talks to me (sometimes) and we have an inside joke. i don’t think so. i think its just friends, which i would be fine with. i wish we could hang out and just be friends and just be open and totally platonic and close. its so confusing though because he never says bye to me and only says hi sometimes, and i don’t want him to know like him cuz even if i just act like friends apparently i am very obvious because some of my friends are starting to suspect. like with crush t too. my friend was like ‘who are you trying to impress?’ when i put on a hat, and she was like ‘oh yeah, crush T i forgot’. i totally waved it off though πŸ™‚

nighty going running fo who tomorrow !!!!


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