…there ends my great, amazing, wonderful week.

not that today was awful. it wasn’t.

it just wasn’t great.

woke up, daylight savings but it felt the same. did my mini workout. picked out what to wear. ate oatmeal. remembered a presentation i have for debate today and felt sick up until 5 minutes before i gave it.

joked around in 2nd, had a test, finished early, finished the homework, too the bathroom pass and took a walk around campus.

went to 4th. Crush V didn’t really talk to me 😦 . well i commented on something on the computer and was just like don’t worry about it and then later i took out my lunch and he was all ‘she finally has something other than a sandwich! i showed it to him. it looked totally gross… 🙂 haha

gave the presentation, it went ok and i wasn’t nervous at all. I’m never nervous, just before i stress about it.

got a lecture on theory (yay). our debate captain gave an example of an impromptu speech, and it was so amazing. i don’t think i could have come up with that on an essay that i revised. crazy, and very discouraging for my embarrassing one last class. some other kids went too, and there was an little guy with a high voice gave on zippers. he had absolutely nothing to say. he started describing the zipper. it was hilarious.

then some people tried to get me to go again. they were all, who hasn’t gone? and they’re all like, ‘you haven’t, you should go.” yeah, right. they were so joking, with their evil smiles….

lunch went ok, i started by hanging out with some other friends, but the convo got awkward so i went back.

went to 6th, bored to death. we proof-read and peer-corrected again, this time on grammar and spelling, etc. the essay i read was absolutely, completely awful. he had one big paragraph that was literally one big run-on sentence, with a bunch of ‘ands’ to connect them. i gave up.

then we had this stupid activity that i didn’t need because, not to be cocky or anything, but i am a pretty good writer. i have a natural knack for it, and though i never really try or do pre writes or anything, they always turn out amazing, or at least really good. so i sat there with this girl i sort of know and just awkwardly chatted.

she was telling me about how annoying this guy in our class is. ironically, he is my Xcrush B; and he is the biggest jerk possibly in the school. i can’t believe i ever liked him, he is not even hot. ugh.

walked out, my dad decided to ‘help’ my brother by picking him up in a closer spot. well first of all, my brother decided to stay behind for help on homework so it was pointless, and second of all, we got stuck in students-rushing-to-leave traffic. so in the time it would have normally taken me to walk about 10 times as far, drive home, and eat a snack, we waited in line to get out of the student parking lot. plan failure, dad.

homework today…


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