old friends give me warm fuzzies

….inside joke from my church. the fuzzies part, i mean.

so i beat my personal record for this route i run on weekends, i got down from 26 minutes to 23 minutes! yes listening to coldplay and running to the beat while singing in my head is super effective for making the time pass because i am starting to like running again. ( i used to love it) the route is pretty short, but its uphill which is why it takes me so long. or at least thats what i tell myself. thinking about crush V on the cross country team and crush T on the track team helps, too. i want to get my mile down to 6-18, my record ever is 6-50. but i run usually a 7-10.

so i got home and since it was chilly i barely sweat so i didnt bother with a shower. i did my mini-workout and ate some yogurt to build muscle (protein!) i played some piano then went to church.

church was freezing so im glad i bundled up. i love cloudy cold weather. the best clothes.

church was fun we thought of things we were genuinely thankful for, plus we prayed and talked. when we went out for lunch, it was raining! YAYAY!!! again, glad i bundled up…

hung out, then went home. my friend came with me to get a ride. its annoying, because today i have a ton of homework. come literally any other weekend!

we hung out and i did homework, then they left and i did more homework. taking a break from homework right now.

then an old childhood friend of mine came over! so happy i ran to her and nearly knocked her over. we caught up but she had to leave after like 20 minutes. i miss her so much…

eating….and writing an essay….

59 degrees and sunny tommorrow…wow thats a confusing weather report what are you supposed to wear? dress for the temperature or the sun?

just another good day of my week….lets hope next week continues it !


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