ok so i get up at 6:30. i FALL ASLEEP and wake up 20 minutes later. i panic, skip my ENTIRE mini workout (well i do 20 pushups) and rush downstairs. i eat, grab some food and gooooo

rush to spanish I’m late. i forget my textbook again, so i get marked down (like always). me and popular girl in front of me talk. uneventful.

walk with my friend to my next class, uneventful next class.

go to lunch, end up being dragged to crochet and knitting club AGAIN, my senior friend is there! yay! go outside to convince more people to join, make a fool of myself in front of both crush O and R.

walk to math, looooong notes. some popular guy comes to our table and i sit there dead bored not understanding anything.

help my brother get in the car.


band in an hour.


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