that was just the second-to-last band practice this year. sad…..i will prob lose contact with these awesome peeps…

so i got there early for the sectional. i blew off some homework.

for nothing, of course. we ended up watching vids of pro marching bands and stuff instead, with my sec leader going ‘its educational, right?’

the rest of the time we chilled. my sec leader friend saw some guy friends of hers, one of which i sort of know. so she prances over there (they were testing this project) while i awkwardly stand there, because one i have never seen in my life and the other i don’t know well or really like.

so band starts and we walk down and it goes ok. Crush O went home sick. the song yellow still totally stuck in my head, i hum it the whole time because starts ARE shining, for me!!!!! 🙂

i screw up royally in front of the teacher and she calls me out on it in front of the whole band. joy. but it goes good for me because i play basically the whole thing (FINALLY). made plans with my band family for fri.

no crush T :(. he doesn’t really talk to me anymore 😦 but he will….oh yes he will….

go home, shower, eat chicken, should i wear a crop top tomorrow? i feel like it will be slutty, but i want to wear a this black crop top that is baggy and really quite conservative other than its crop-ness, not low cut at all or anything. and then i want to wear loose low-slung boyfriend-esque jeans cuffed in a sort of masculine way with flats or sneaks, so i don’t look slutty. and hair down and carefree. should i? or would that be too revealing?

i can’t believe how ironic this is. just today there was a girl literally wearing a super-push up lace bra under a sheer white crop top that showed Everything, plus super short-shorts and high heels. what am i worrying about?

well, i don’t want to look like her, i guess….

Crush V tommorow….lets hope this goes well.


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