:) crush TTTTTT

chatted with my old friend from middle school and we both miss each other so much 😦

woke up with ambition today so i did twice as much on my mini workout. yup. I’m cool

i wore this insanely bag lady eclectic open-kint chunky cardigan that was this odd shade of berry purple. AMAZING, yes i got weird stares…

so i get to school on time and I am obsessed with this new band that i found while stalking Crush v’s fb wall. ANGELS AND AIRWAVES ALL THE WAYYYYYY

so i listen to them all day 🙂

so in spanish we did these mini presentations and my row got moved to fill gaps in the class. lucky me, i get moved to a group with 3 other geeky, awkward guys, one of which had the HUGEST crush on me last year. joooy…

after span, i go to band, and it goes ok. we were doing duets, and SNK C messed up big time on both parts, while i played them PERFECTLY . AHA! whose better now, mista?

i go to lunch, have a fine time, off to math. so awkward the same popular kid came by and i got to sit there and pretend to be so tired i just couldn’t talk. and i listened to angels and airwaves, of course. while desperately copying down notes.

walked to band, band went well. except the director called me out specifically for not holding my chin up high enough. blah.

walked up, nice convo, show my friends angels and airwaves to get them obsessed too. apparently, i learned, they are having a concert tomorrow and crush V is going! (my friend tells me) then she goes [gasp] ‘Crush V is going! you should go too! you guys are so meant for each other, like’ then she turns to everyone ‘do you guys feel it too? he soooo likes you! i swear, it would only take one minute alone together…” and I’m like, NO. because they don’t know i like him at all. cause i don’t tell people that stuff.

so i go wait at the curb, and I’m talking with like 4 other band kids. INCLUDING crush T!!!!! and wait for it…..

he STARTS A CONVO WITH ME!!!! AND ME ONLY!!!!! he SAYS MY NAME, then TALKS to me!!!! ayyayayay!!! he doesn’t hate me….because sometimes he doesn’t even say hi, and he still hasn’t accepted my friend request. anyway , we talk, and my dad chooses THAT time to roll up in his car. ugh. and that was my last band rehearsal. ever. and maybe the last talk with Crush T, O and R….sadness

going to soccer, no school tommorw!


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