oh yes so yesterday my cousin and aunt cam over for my grandpa’s bday. my cousin is so perfect its annoying, i always get compared to her and i always lose. she tries to be nice to me, buttt…….you know how it is.

so my aunt thinks i am beautiful, and apparently thats all you need to be a famous movie star. no, you don’t need acting skills. just a fine face. so she spent an hour talking to me about finding an agent, and how i am wasting my beauty.she doesn’t understand that a)i have no acting talent, b) i don’t want to be an actor, and c) i already wasted my time in the modeling business before realizing i was too short.

so yeah. my bros and she were looking through last year’s yearbook, and i thought,why not? so i took it and looked up my upperclassmen crushes, like V and O.

Crush O looks basically the same, longer hair. Crush V looks completely different, he’s almost got chubby cheeks! but i looked up other pics of him from later in that year, and he buffed up and slimmed down and got to his cross-country hot self so thats all good. Crush O never was toned, and isn’t toned now, so yeah…

btw, Crush O likes my friend. I’m ok with that, even if we were just good friends I’m ok with that. my crushes, i don’t mind if they’re just really great friends.
you know, thats all i really want. a best guy friend that loves me as a friend only, but a good one that i can tell things to and trust with no drama and i can be guyish and do embarrassing things like fart in front of him and he’ll still love me cuz wed be besties. pretty much. i don’t need no boyfriend, just a guy friend.

anyway, today went to run and i ran a kilo in 10 minutes. is that good? I’m a mile person…my mom came with me because she wants to get in shape and lose wait and stuff. well i ended up leaving her on the way there because she could barely jog downhill. on the way up, i bounce-jogged next to her as she ‘power-walked’ up the hill. haha….

went to church, church went fine. My friend came after and we hung out and made sorbet (sherbet?) ice cream and i ate a lot and then we watched micheal jackson’s This is it movie. she left just now….we didn’t get to finish it 😦

now i get to do hw for a long time….


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