two dayssssss and last day of band… :(

this is going to be a long post so go get your favorite cinnamon cereal from costco, heat up some milk, play Lifeline by Angels and Airwaves, and rellllaaax.

so yesterday was veterans day, so there was no school. i got up early so i could go running, and i ran at 7 miles per hour for about 20 minutes. YEAH MAN. i was practicing for soccer tryouts on monday….apparently we get to run 2 miles, and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die.

so yeah, did that, got home and showered for a long time to reward myself. got out, and my mom is yelling at me to get dressed because it is my grandpas birthday and we went out to lunch in irvine (at a chinese restaurant, of course!) so we go, and my grandma is talking to me in the car, and I’m so tired, i fall asleep! i feel so bad…

got to the place (after a lot of screaming and yelling, since we got lost) ate. everything was so unhealthy and high-calorie, so i tried to limit myself. i don’t even LIKE that kind of food, you know? i just can’t help myself from munching mindlessly. so that goes on, then i head straight to piano. piano goes good. teacher is pretty happy with me, but I’m nervous because the competition is in 3 weeks!

After piano, i rush home to grab my flute and change because we have a football game. it was the whiteout game, so everyone wore white instead of our uniforms. it was REALLLY< REALLY fun!!!!! plus it was senior game so they were doing all this senior stuff, and its band tradition to get globs of paint and smear it on lowerclassmens’ faces, and i got all over my hair and face. and when i tried to play my flute it got all over the mouthpiece….crush O took a pic to show me how bad it was.

I sat next to my frenemy (who left in like 10 minutes and didn’t come back) and CRUSH O!!!! yyyeaaaah……we talked the whole time and he was teaching me more about football and it actually makes sense now! and then later he decided to act like a jerk and hide my flute…..and everyone was laughing at me….yeah not so fun but at the same time it totally was.

anyway me and my bestie decided to disappear and walk around, and we hung out with some middle school friends who showed 🙂 we came back and Crush O played another prank  (yeah haha). talked all around. pretty awesoooome game.

after we went to my friends house and they had a sleepover but i didn’t want to so i could….get ‘business’ done in the morning. but i stayed for about an hour and they talked band gossip. there is some bad news though…..

my friend like Crush O. she doesn’t know i like crush O (no one does, cause i don’t tell anyone. ever.)

My other friend likes Crush T. (::::::(((((( well but today he told my friend that he likes someone else not in band)

my fat friend thinks that some guy likes her (sorry, this is mean, but yeah right.)

and they were all planning on how to ask them to formal. I’m going stag because of this stupid rule i came up with.

so i got home, showered, and got to sleep.


today, work up early and did my mini workout. put on some makeup, then wiped it off cause this is band, and i don’t want to be one of those girls that need makeup to feel good.

went to the same friends house early for breakfast. apparently i didn’t miss much last night. we ate pancakes (i didn’t eat much, i already am getting a belly arg) so i ate strawberries. she has an adorable dog that walks in the stupidest way….its a corkie? or something like that.

yup so off we go to band (I’m wearing these baggy boyfriend jeans, my bros jacket, and this supa tight tank so i don’t look COMPLETELy boyish, even though thats kind of what I’m going for.)

we get to band, we rehearse once or so.

we get on the girls bus this time. change our minds, get on the guys bus. there aren’t enough seats together, so me and my bestie get stuck around a bunch of antisocial guys while they party in the back with crush o and T and R. whatevs, my bestie rocks and we sing hannah montana together. plus we were trying to signal my shy friend to sit next to crush T (cause she likes him) but then that was when we found out…he likes someone else….. (totally awkward because we sent a detailed text to my friend about them dating and he had her phone…and saw it….)

we get there, we change, rehearse. go on the field and perform. i marched a perfect show yeah!!!!! its starting to rain and drizzle, but while we played it was fine. but literally 5 minutes after we finish playing it starts raining harder. we change out, and go to sit in the stands to watch other bands, and it starts to POUR so hard, people are buying these stupid plastic rain ponchos and everyones soaked and I’m squeezing under an umbrella with like 3 other people. after a while we give up and go onto the bus(poor bands out there had to keep marching, and PLAYING in the pouring rain. their instruments must have been totally soaked…)

so we get on the bus, and i change to these androgens gym shorts cause my jeans are soaked through. my friends then decide to move to the girls bus , which i totally didn’t want to do because a) crush O and T and R are on THIS BUS and b) switching buses means soaking my sort-of dry clothes. we switch anyway. we get on their bus, and lo and behold! they decide to switch back. ugh. so we run back and I’m supa happy. we sort of just hang out there until we head home. on the way home, we find out we got a 69.9! this is hilarious because our goal for the day was to break 70…..and we are a tenth of a point off. these things….

yeah so on the way home, i listen to music from my indie friend iPod, we talk and i talk once or twice to crush o and t. my indie friend (who is a varsity in my debate) makes fun of me because of crush V, ugh. loudly. in front of every guy on the guys bus. half the people know him, so they’re like Crush V? the junior? Awwwwwww…..” i really, really, REALLY hope that doesn’t get back to CrurshV, or else it might get slightly awkward…anyway, she thinks he likes me, she doesn’t know i love him to death, she thinks i like him as a friend. she keeps talking about getting us together…i wish.

we get back to the school, its pouring. we run to the band room, i run out and wait while everyone else gets picked up. so i go to this girl and guy i sort of know and join their convo and use her umbrella. her ride comes, and since its totally pouring and the umbrella was hers, she offers to let us sit in her car while we wait. we say yeah, and we get in and i tell a funny story and its going good. and my dad comes. we talk about how hilarious my dad is (the guy got stuck in a convo with him once). i leave 😦

i really am going to miss these band people. i feel like after a while of not seeing them all this progress I’ve made with being friends with them will reverse, and next year it’ll be awkward…ugh. this is also my last time of seeing crush O, T, and R. and my friends. SAD RIGHT NOW

i love band


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