bummed over soccer

so i got up late and had to skip my mini workout. tomorrow i get up early to make up for it!

went to 3rd period to take the PLAN test (thats the pre ACT) and i did fine except on science where i basically guessed through the whole thing.

went to first, first went fine. went to 3rd, where my teacher just talked the whole time and we never actually took out our instruments.

went to 5th, which went dead beat boring. we took notes, and i listened to my iPod, and i have a ton of homework.

went home with the same friend as yesterday, got dressed together and went to soccer tryouts

not so bad today, we started out with keep away which went good. then we moved on to scrimmages, and i did fine, too. got a few shots in, but none of them made it….then we switched teams, and i played awfully. i fell on my butt about 3 times while all the coaches were staring, i was always open but no one passed. its partly my fault, cause I’m not that great, but also because there were a few girls from the same team and they were only passing it amongst themselves, only giving each other chances.

we moved on to this shooting drill, and i messed up big time on the first two times around because the passes were rocky and i got a bad foot on it. the 3rd time was a beautiful high shot in the upper corner that was hard, fast, and strong, but NONE OF THE COACHES SAW IT. the next two were left foots, and of course i kick it way out.

after tryouts were done, me and two friends stayed back a bit to help each other out and work a bit. i taught them to kick, they taught me tricks, and we all gave each other advice. later, we all went home, i showered, and here i am

i don’t think i made it. if i am in, it was because they happened to have an empty spot or everyone else screw up big time…. 😦


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