2nd went fine, miss retarded push bra girl isn’t being as obnoxious as before, the trick is to show her you are not a weak wimp, and that you are skinnier than her (haha)

well Xcrush A is talking to me now. bad timing mister. i am over you. but he’s still nice, the problem is that the peeps i talk to think he’s weird (which he kind of is) and i have to stop our convo, turn to him, and talk, then turn back….and i don’t know what to do. but he’s pretty nice, he was drawing evil spongebob characters and he took my advice… πŸ™‚

we worked, then we headed to debate. GUESS WHAT. if you know me you know just what i am going to say.

i probably had the best period with crush V ever. i made a special sandwich today, and of course he noticed and was like ‘not a sandwich. i thought i told you.’ but then he changed and went ‘to tell the truth, its not so weird. i used to put strawberries in my PB&J’ awwwwww mini crush V, i can so imagine that.

later, during a lecture, i was doing math, and i wasn’t getting this asymptote thing. well i am asking my friend, and he looks over and goes ‘well’, and then he gets out a piece of paper and starts explaining it. then he realizes i am doing a level higher in math, and he’s like ‘smart freshman’ with this cute smile. he was totally teasing me. i gave him a shut up teasing look.

my annoying friends still don’t know i like him, so they are like, ‘you are so clueless he loves you’ of course i deny it. cause really i don’t think its true. he sees me as a friend. (but he doesn’t talk to any other girl, so its all good.)

plus he saw this weird video some guy was watching and he tapped me on the shoulder and was like ‘look at this!’ its good he’s showing me stuff…’

we talk about more stuff, but i forget what. he still doesn’t say hi or bye, though. i think thats my goal for this month. get him to be comfortable with me enough to say hi and bye. and chat me outside of debate (the other day i made eye contact with him, but he looked away fast 😦 )

so yah my friends tease me all lunch about that. make plans for next week thanksgiving! 6th goes fine, we partner up and of course i don’t get one, along with this other girl, so its awkward because we are both working alone.

i run to soccer, get changed. we basically scrimmage the whole time, and i get stuck playing center which i suck at. but i don’t want to sound like a whiner and switch, so i stay there for a while while i screw up royally. later when i go right mid i do pretty good, feeding it up and assisting two goals! the problem with mid is that when you do great, the forwards are the ones who score, you know? them get the glory. my friend got all this praise when i was the one who dribbled it up and crossed it.

another problem is that when you do great and feed it up and the forward screws up, it just looks like a bad pass to everyone else.

but, plus i did a great cross πŸ™‚
on the flip side, i decided to try a goal kick, because my kick is one of my strongest points and I’m usually great at it. well guess what? i trip over a patch of grass and screw up the kick. right down the middle of the field. into a forward. who dribbled it up and barely misses the goal.

later we end (but it went by really fast) and i got a ride from my friend. got home, showered, come down, my parents are pissed because they didn’t realize i was home and they had waited at the school for like 20 minutes because i forgot to call and tell them i had a ride.

oh well.

but i don’t think I’m going to make it. and whats really sad is that there are 35 girls trying out, and the team is around 20-25 people. so, basically, if i don’t make it, then i was the worst 10 people. which sucks. so i was trying to make myself feel better by thinking of ten people who are definitely not going to make it. i could only think of four. ugh.

but i have crush V, which makes me feel slightly better.


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