just tired and still bummed

well today was so very average i barely even want to blog.

woke up super duper late like 7:10. we leave at 7:25. yeah, not fun. didn’t even wash my face so it was gross all day.

2nd we had a test. ms obnoxious not there today so i was pretty happy to start with. made definite plans with my old friend and she invited me to see breaking dawn tonight but i couldn’t go….

4th Crush v didn’t really talk to me, just a bit little convo. he didn’t sit next to me either… to even commented on my sandwich! I’ve taken to making my sandwiches crazier just to see what he says…

but we did watch these hilarious HI’s (humorous interps) and DI;s (dramatic inteps), and there was this one on harry potter where this guy made dumbledore out to be a pedophile…ohohaha he got 8th in the nation. and this girl it was called ‘sealed for freshness’ and she was hilarious (1st in the nation!) and then her next years’ one which of course also got first. guess who’s getting into the school of her dreams….unlike me, who cant even get on the freshman team.

lunch went ok i went to key club to check it out. borrrring but i gorged on cookies which is so not good for my healthy lifestyle.

6th went surprisingly ok since all the soccer girls are in there. stung a bit when they all went to soccer together but I’m ok.

got home, and now i have to practice piano.


well its like 8 and i went to piano. we left late and my mom got super pissed about it and started ranting, and like all her rants, it led to me not caring, which led to how awful her life is and how she doesn’t want me to be like her, which always leads to ranting about how horrible dad is and how she can’t wait till they get divorced.

luckily i brought my iPod with my trusty micro-foam ear foams that block out all sound, so i looked out the window and sang in my head to angels and airwaves.

go to piano, went fine, left. went to costco, where i got sort of upset since none of my must-have foods were there, not my favorite cinnamon cereal, or my greek yogurt. ugh.

so yeah got home. guests were over so instead of going with my friends to see Breaking dawn, or going to church, i stayed home and ate food i didn’t like and felt fat and bloated. fun stuff.

ugh now i have to eat pie for my bros bday. funny cuz he’s totally hating this, too, he doesn’t even really know the guests…


well up early tommorw and i am sups tired. my brother kept asking if i was ok (which is super annoying, because a) I’m not ok I’m super bummed and b) does he really think he can make me feel better? i am one of those people that just needs to move on and work it out with time. no comforting for me.) and also he kept telling me my eyes were bloodshot. thanks, cause thats what every girl wants to hear.

yeah so just basically tired in more ways than one.


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