i didn’t make it

well the title is self-explanatory. i didn’t make it. there were 32 people, and only 9 people were cut. i was one of them

it really sucks to know that out of only 30 people, you were in the bottom 30 percent. especially since i have been playing soccer since i was 8 years old, and back then i was always the star of the team. i remember when i was around 10 i was ranked the number 2nd player in the entire league. ha. funny how things change.

and it really hurts because i know that there were people that made the team that weren’t all that great. almost bad, in fact.

and i know its going to be so embarrassing walking into school on friday and seeing all these people that know i didn’t make it, there are about 5 girls on the team in 6th period. they will all know. and all my friends know i tried out, and I’m going to have to tell each of them one by one over and over again that, no, i didn’t make it. my family knows. the entire band knows, because when i rushed to practice late that day, my friends asked me how i did in front of everyone.

well i guess this means that i have more time to focus on piano. but i know that i have several friends that outshine me in that, too. i have a rec game coming up on saturday. its the last game of the season. it will probably be my last game ever, because i know i won’t make JV.

I didn’t even make freshman team. and they only cut 9 girls.

i have no excuse. i am bad.


well as you can tell, I’m am really bummed. so i went to band and acted all happy and i-dont-care about it. at least i didn’t cry, like a few other of the girls.

anyway, my day. 1st went fine, 3rd went fine (I’m not that good in flute, either), and 5th we took a test that I’m pretty sure i did bad on.

i better not fall apart freshman year.


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