i had a horrible day yesterday. so i woke up early to pick up my friend and go to perform with the band at the reopening of some store. so i go and play for about 20 minutes. super lame.

later we go home, and i chill for like half an hour until my soccer game. we leave, we get there late, but no one else is there. the game starts, we have 3 subs. of course i know what that means. i am subbed about half the time. it sucks. we lose 4-1. that was possibly my last game ever in my entire life. i don’t know why i was so hopeful in making the freshman team. if my coach will barely play me in rec, how can i ever get on a high school team with competitive girls? anyway, no one else on my team made it to school teams either.

get home, play piano and chill until we give my brother presents (i got him a hat) and we leave for my mom’s friend’s baptism pot-sticker making party. too bad, once i get there i start feeling awful and sick and crunched over in pain.  i couldn’t stand up straight, so while all kids had fun, i lay on the ground (cause there was no where else) and listened to my iPod and just lay there. good thing lying down made the pain go away, so i fell asleep and 5 hours went by pretty fast.

we ate potstickers, but they were gross and the one that wasn’t gross i ate way too much of which did not help my stomach problem.

we got home, and i miserably went upstairs and slept.


well today, my mom is getting baptized, so i want to make today a good day. my stomach is feeling a ton better. i actually slept 9 hours last night. NINE HOURS!!!! that is insane….

lets hope today goes better 🙂


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