sleepover and thanksgiving

well lets see….after my ‘invigorating mini workout’ (did i really write that?) i played piano for a long time and listened to horowitz play it, too….he is so amazing and so expressionless…insane.

later i vacuumed the house to get ready for thanksgiving, then i went to my friend J’s house an hour late. my friend P was there, too. problem was she invited over a little 8th grader guy that she’s super good friends with and we went to play soccer. they all made their soccer teams except for me. joy. they talked about it the whole time, and i just felt like a loser. and when we were playing soccer, i didn’t join in because i didn’t want to look like a loser in front of them (even though i sort on did, by just walking around…)

so basically my one-on-one bonding time with Friend J turned into a sadness fest with feeling left out thrown into the mix.

later, i left for piano (switched the day so i could go shopping on fri) did really good, i guess practicing 2 hours a day has been paying off.

went back, ate turkey at our house, THEN went back to their house. they eat so unhealthy, with no fiber at all. literally zero, nothing, nada. i don’t know how americans poop.

so the guy was gone, and we chilled and watched ‘its kind of a funny story’. we thought it would be a comedy. not true. it was a good movie, but it was strange and sort of indie. funny at some parts. just to very mainstream, and it got me thinking….

we gossiped a bit, then we drifted off to sleep early (like maybe 1??) woke up around 7 on thanksgiving morning.

we watched lonely island vids (i am so obsessed with ‘great day’. so hilarious, today at the party i was showing it to everyone) then we got up and ate breakfast and checked out the black friday ads. cause we were GOING to go black friday shopping together, but she ditched me just now so….

got home, vacuumed more. super tense in the house because of my brother’s college essay and my dad, my dad and my mom, and just overall. we cleaned the whole house, which is insane. we do this every year. its like the only time where we all work together to make our house and family look somewhat normal to our friends.

anywhooooo, day passed by and the first guests came. my cousin. like i said, i like her but its just awkward because she knows me as the immature little kid, when I’m really not so much anymore. just awkward. other guests came too, some dorky kids of my mom’s childhood friends. yeah….

after an hour of awkwardness, my friend K came (an hour late, mind. asain families ugh) and then my other friend M came too. so we started eating. well i snacked a ton before because i just couldn’t help it (so much food in front of me!) so i felt horrible and fat and bloated while i just stuffed myself (darn those amazing mashed potatoes and dark meat!)

after we watched vids and i showed them great day, naturally. went upstairs and went through my brothers yearbook last year, and i told them about the people i knew in there (they look so completely different from now….crush V looks awful) after, they found my FML book that i love and we were reading from it. then we went downstairs and ate pumpkin pie……yeah i ate literally about a third of the cake. maybe a bit more, actually.

did stuff, played tic tac toe, ya know.

then my friend ditched me for black friday over my brothers phone on text. ohoooooh, stings. its good i wanted to go with friend M, anyway. so i don’t really mind so much. but it bothers me that she just dropped me so blasé, and she didn’t know about M, so she thinks that i would just go shopping alone. and she would have let me…..kind of makes me doubt our friendship.

anyway, took group photos, yay. in my crazy, dysfunctional family it took forever. my dad kept putting his arms around me like ‘yup, this is my daughter.’ well dad, you are never there for me, and you are not even pleasant towards me most of the time, and if you weren’t my dad i would hate you. so i was totally stiff in tense the whole time, trying to subtly move away.

didn’t work.

after all the guests leave, i get to (yay!) clean up the house. it takes a while, and i have to vacumn again, but i get through it. and now its almost 12, so i get to have 4 hours of sleep tonight.

fun stuff riiiight?

my life feels full and awesome right now 🙂


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