so after planning to get up at 4:30 and leave around 5, of course my alarm clock was not on and i end up panicking after waking up at 5:30. of course. because everything always goes smoothly for me.

so i call my friend M and her mom, and they slept in too! so we are all rushing and we are out the door around 6:30. ugh.

anyway, just want to add that my stomach has been AWFUL lately. i measured just now, and I’m at 25 inch at rest, and 24 when flexing. i used to be a whole inch smaller, plus my abs are disappearing! I’m feeling really low…

the ride there is fun, we sing along to oldies and songs like man in the mirror….yah we both know every single word..

so we go to this outdoor mall and begin. we hit macy’s first, and i just die because i fall in love with this amazing sweater. its really thin, so its not really a sweater, its more like a shirt. its bright neoprene-like blue, with these awesome tie-died dark dark stripes. its cropped I’m front (just a ninny-iny sliver of ab) and slightly longer in the back. its long-sleeve and it has a retro cut of the shoulder-armpit area. and its amazing. and its 40 percent off……which made it 50 dollars. not cool.

plus its wasn’t on my list, which i vowed to stick to.

oh btw heres my list of necessities that aren’t trendy and i have wanted for a long, LONG time.

Basic black loose boyfriend tuxedo jacket/blazer thing

basic black leather jacket NOT BOMBER moto jacket (faux, of course)

black basic closed toe and heel pumps, little-to-no platform (we are talking like a half inch tops) made of faux or real matte leather (not patent or suede r any of that, just regular leather) with a 5-inch heel. yeah, VERY specific, and it has to be good quality but on sale, so its gonna take a while to find that one….

dr marten combat boots, black or red, basic stuff

Semi-fitted basic zip-up hoodie (for when i don’t care or want to give off a ‘cool’ vibe or a androgyness one,…)

LBD BASIC not sluttly or short or too revealing….i want this to go EVERYWHERE

and last but not least an awesome band tee. with like the beatles or something. just comfy.


yup, thats my list. it has been formed over about 4 years of carefully studying street style and what i like, deciding what i think my closet should be built around.

and today was great cause i can cross off a ton of things off my list…

anyway after macy’s we went around to forever 21 (which was really disappointing), GAP (i got a basic long-sleeve for 60% off yay totally goes with my ruby aldridge and freja beha obsession).

we left after two hours and headed back to her house and dropped off her little bro and ate a bit. then we went to this outdoor little high-end Forum near our house (a popular hangout spot) we went to H&M, which i love, possibly because they use my favorite models. anyway, this is where i went crazy.

i bought the basic hoodie (check!) its blue-ish grey with a white zipper and strings for 20 bucks. i bought my black tuxedo jacket (check!) for 30 bucks. and i bought this awesome beatles band tee for 5 bucks (original price 15). i wanted to get this awesome scarf on sale for 5 bucks (had this awesome knotty muffler vibe…) but i spent WAAAAY too much so i had to constrain myself and stick to the list.

we stopped by target for like an hour because i heard there were really good deals. there were. there was the moto jacket for 15 buck! original price 35! and it was nice, and it was a new item! too bad it was a bomber jacket, which i like but its not as versatile as just a regular jacket so i didn’t get it. plus also i just think i spent too much today.

we fooled around in makeup and she bought PJs. it makes me feel better because she spent like 75 dollars, and i spent 70, so its not that bad, right???

who am i kidding, this is the most i have ever spent at once.

well at least i know ill wear these for sure and i thought this out….


yeah so after that we went home. they dropped me off, and i showed the stuff to my grandma and mom. they don’t like it, they think i dress too old and dark. nuh, uh, plus I’m not going to wear it with like skulls or anything, plus its not even goth!

anyway, my mom is going to get her nails done with this coupon i picked up. I’m sort of worried. i know she is going to buy a ton of stuff. my mom is really blasé about spending money, because when my parents divorce my dad is taking most of the money so she thinks that by spending it its kind of like revenge….i think its ridiculous and if she keeps spending while our money goes downy he drain (we are in the middle of a ton of lawsuits and problems) i am going to have to money for college, and i am worried about my mom working when she gets old….

i guess I’m kind of a hypocrite. but i promise, i NEVER spend this much!


well after that i just watched TV and stuff, really uneventful. called my friend to hang, but she probably can’t, so tomorrow I’m doing absolutely nothing. sort of feel like a loser…but i know the resting will be good for me

well thats it for now.


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