boring, nice day at home

basically a day of rest and getting things done.

so i get up nice and early and watch twilight while i digest my cereal. my day starts out great because i wake up with a somewhat flat stomach! for the first time in days! YAYYYY

i go running around 8:30, and i run outside and then i go on the tread an run a kilometer. then i run back up home and I’m super proud of myself. i looked up on google maps how far my outside run is, and its about 2 miles. and i run it in 15 minutes (hey, its a steep incline!) my new goal is to get it under 18 minutes, but ultimately i want it under 15 minutes.

i shower reallllly long to reward myself. then i come out and read this book called jumper by steven gould. my brother checked it out, and there is nothing else, so i just picked it up. well it was pretty decent, just not very challenging.

i ate a bowl of yogurt with vanilla extract and some honey. it was ok….

then i played piano for about an hour. it went by really fast. then i ate a bowl of steamed vegetable around 1 for lunch, and then i finished jumper while eating a piece of bread with feta and pesto. and a cup or so of this snack mix of pretzels and crackers and stuff.

then i played about a half hour more of piano. I’m playing the fantasia impromptu, and its super awesome!!!!! i can’t wait to get really good at it so i can memorize it and when i play it people will be like whoaaaaaaaaa she’s kickbutt

and THEN some little kids came to the door fundraising for their footballl trip to florida or whatevers, wellllllll i was wearing a gorgeously flattering outfit of grey sweatpants and grey stained baggy t shirt with no bra and no makeup whatsoever and my hair was all poofy and frizzy and my bangs dried weird. so i could just tell they were looking me up and down, plus i was home on saturday afternoon…..yeah i looked like a total loser .haha…..

went on fb for a few minutes, not many notification but like 5 messages. and Crush V wasn’t on! which reminds me…

crush V is sometimes on chat, and one day i WILL get the guts to chat him up. just a quick hey…..but i don’t want it to be obvious or for him to know i like him as more than a friend…..SOMEDAY

and now I’m doing some homework, and then i have to work butt off doing piano theory because i have to finish the entire workbook by the middle of december. there are 20 lessons. i am on lesson 3. thats probably not going to go well…..

but I’m having a good food day and productive day and piano day

and I’m not feeling like a loser for having no where to go on a saturday…guess my self esteem is going up too

so yup thats my crazy hectic (not) day!


right, so I’m brushing my teeth and I’m about to go to sleep early yay

so i finished my homework, got a TON of stuff done today, did 4 lessons in piano theory. i was crazy with piano, i got sort of carried away and in total i played about 3 hrs of piano. probably more.

fantasie impromtu is coming along nicely 🙂

ate more than i wanted maybe 1400 calories…


so good day


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