impure thoughtssss

well yesterday we had our high school girls small group thing. we talked about impure thoughts and how far is too far and all of that stuff.

We were talking about how too far is around where you start or make others start to think impure thoughts, like about sex. its interesting, because we were talking about how guys think more about that than girls. i didn’t know that guys are more horny or something than girls, i always thought we were all the same. we are all humans, don’t we think alike?

apparently not.

apparently, just having a tickle fight sends them off the deep end. Hugging is pushing it.

is that true? because i really doubt it. maybe thats why its so hard to have a best guy friend….just platonic…..

well, just food for thought.

im not going to do anything beyond platonic stuff with guys until after high school, anyway.

so ANYWHOOOOO that morning, i ran. YESSSSSS and i beat my time. i ran my 2 mile trail in under 18 minutes! and that is very uphill (maybe a 7 incline), with rocks all over, a weird heat wave (80 degrees in november?), and dust flying into my eyes (i think its the santa ana winds). and i got a great time. not once, but TWICE in a row, AND i didn’t slow down! intervals of sprinting and jogging

and at church, we watched this great video with this asian bald guy. he was a great preacher, and he preached in a way that was so relatable to teens and young adults. it was really powerful; he talked about searching for christ together as a church and not alone.

got home, did homework. crush V was on fb again. didn’t have the guts again. played piano hardcore.


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