slightly disappointing crush v day

wellllllll i had a dream that i woke up super late and dressed awfully and looked like a wreck and went to school and crush v ignored me…..

and then i woke up early.

so yah i took twice as long to do my mini-workout…..i made it more of a strength thing because i did it reaaaallllly slowmo so it took a lot of strength to hold it up.

brushed my teeth, wore this awesome (i think) dress with this navajo-esque print made of airy cotton and a burnt red color. with a textured button-down over it. and suede boots. and i loved it. other people, not so much…

so i got to 2nd and i talked with my friend S (our friendship now solid yay!) we have a lot of new inside jokes from our sleepover over break. and yah. finished the movie about wolves or whatever.

went to 4th. and you know what that means. crush VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV

so here goes. at first he ignored me and i ignored him. then he made some comments on my convo. (made fun of me for getting dissed, thanks.) made fun of my food (not a sandwich today!) talked a teensy bit. and then he spent the rest of the time up at the front of the classroom teaching. smart kid.

apparently he is excited for the tournament this weekend (i told him i was dreading it)


so thats about it. had a confusing lunch, walked down, walked up with a different person, went back to normal eating spot, spent the time being bored and nothing really happened. didn’t really talk that much. but friend S got dumped by her senior boyfriend, and she didn’t tell me even though we talked all through 2nd period, and she didn’t seem broken up about it at all.

then in 6th all the girls who made the soccer team were talking about it and stuff. and i felt like trash.

boring class, really. worked in partners again, and i can just tell when the teacher tells us who we are going to work with, my partner is always kind of sad. cuz everyone there thinks I’m a loser that never talks. which is kind of true in that class.

walked to the pickup spot, and me and my brother had a conversation. that doesn’t usually happen. i think our relationship is improving; before it was awkward just standing next to each other in silence and when one of us talked it was like ‘what the heck is you problem?’

got home, all good and boring, gonna go play piano since I’m not gonna have time later (even though my competition is this weekend! i have to beat my friend!)


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