very, very boring 1-3-5

well got up right at the exact same time as always (exactly 2 minutes before my alarm haha) and did everything way too slow (went to bed suuuuper late last night…..getting ready for this weekend which is gonna be non-stop madness. why do all parts of my life have to have the one big thing of the year on the SAME WEEKEND???) and then i ended up being late. except not.

because when i got to school, turns out it was a late start. ha. funny. not.

so i went home and practiced piano the entire time, and it flew by and THEN i went to school.

1st went boring, except now i actually have friends sitting by me in that class do i enjoy it now. ate pop chips, which are the best invention in the entire world.

during the break, i was talking to my friend when i saw this sort-of nerdy senior that i like. (not like-like, just like) so i said hi, and we talked, but it was hilarious because i didn’t feel like moving my feet so i stood there with my back to him and turned my torso half way and my head the rest. really awkward position.

3rd went awful, the band room was being used so we went to the ASB room. yes, the popular kids. who obviously thought i was a huge loser since i was in band. and being next to SNK C and the mentally challenged did not help.

so awkward because when we walked there, we all sort of walked together but separate….like 5 feet apart….not talking…..

did test corrections for science (got a 96%, upping it to 98%! yes, i am a perfectionist) with some friends. i ditched one of them who got a ton wrong so i could go eat lunch outside….should i have done that? i feel like if i was her, i would have wanted me to wait…..guilty right now.

lunch went boring, had like 10 people (not exaggerating) ask me what the heck i was eating….its WILD RICE people! rice is not always white!

my friend finally brought my shirt back to me…

5th  went boring too. took notes. guess what? the super tall popular happens to be at my table again. i didn’t know because he ditched last class. so he was teasing me about my name, but of course i don’t really talk cause he’s so popular and I’m sort of afraid to screwing up. but i manage to ask him a question and i manage some small talk….pathetic. really. 

its just he’s the type of guy that you have to be a loud, crazy, cussing person to keep up with. and if you get him to hate you, you are doomeddddddddddd.

went home, did hw right away and finished. going to piano soon….going to be super stressed this weekend



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