horrible, awful, day


super tired because i stayed up late last night literally making sandwiches for this weekend. i used up a whole loaf of bread.

late start. woke up early. played piano for an hour.

went to school. 2nd period, friend S seemed down and oddly quiet. tried to cheer her up by making her laugh and making fun of myself. i think it worked.

played games with friend AH in science. ignored the teacher and probably did really bad on a quiz. but 2nd actually went ok.

4th. ugh. had a lecture of the different types of CPs. crush V talked to me, we had a few convos about whatever (i was super jealous of him getting to be in the tab room while i had to be a timer), and some other stuff. on the way out, i was being stupid and he was like ‘come on, ____’ but he was teasing me.

lunch boring. 

6th boring. we are starting romeo and juliet. all the soccer girls left early together. stings a bit.

waited at the usual place. crush V comes out with a bunch of his friends. didn’t say hi to me. well, i was facing away. and i didn’t even see him until he was really far away, when i looked to see who walked by.

but still. i thought he could say hi.

watched him goof off with his friends (no, not stalkerish. i had nothing to do!) then he left.

my bro comes out with his friend (you may know him as the quiet awkward guy who i think has a crush on me) i pity him, so i tried to make conversation. it went ok. i guess.

went home, played piano, came right back for band. went ok. then me and my bestie went to the bathroom, and when we got back everyone had made plans to go out for dinner. there was no more car seats open. we stayed back. (kind of embarrassing, i asked ‘oh, we are going out to eat?’ and they were like,  ‘well, WE are. but theres no more room…” so we goofed off on the piano and did our hair and changed for like an hour and a half. Stings.

i was talking to friend A, the one who previously thought me and crush would be a good match. well. turns out, he likes some one else, and plus he’s going to a concert with friend A next year (along with a bunch of his junior friends). she invited me, but I’m not going. i don’t know his junior friends, it would just be super awkward.

went out. sat on the outside of the bleachers. bad move. i was already miserable, and that made me even more isolated. spent the whole time being tired, cold (SUPER COLD OUT), hungry (VERY), had to pee because i drank a whole bottle of water because my lips were chapped and i thought it would help. it didn’t.

we marched and stuff.

our team lost.

got back to the band room, was still miserable. everyone went to in n out, i think. I didn’t go, i was WAY TOO MISERABLE.



bad day. awful day.



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