1st surprisingly fun day of debate tournament

so the weekend that i have bend dreading has come.

quick run through of school: woke up on time, mini workout check, for check, 4 sandwiches check.

spanish boring and my friend goofing off all hyper while i practically slept drooling on my desk.

she walked with her soccer friends so i sort of straddled alongside, embarrassing because they all know i didn’t make it.

went to band boring. found a new artist from my band director (weird right) called sin fang bous witht he song advent in the ives garden or something like that. they’re swedish…

lunch went ok. boring. talked with my semi-popular friends.

math went ok as well. popular guy was decent to me….and i talked with my other table mates.

and then school ended. and debate started.

so we all reported to the library. i saw crush V and i was like, aren’t you gonna say hi? so he did. awkward.

and we got ready and walked around taking care of business and stuff and staring at the asian kids in suits….haha. well i got my first round, and i timed congress, a speech event. i had no idea what i was doing, but i asked the pofo guy and he explained it to me. i did hand signals, and the chamber would ‘mirror’ me. funny to see me put up my hand and everyone in the room would do it too…but after a while only a few would mirror me and sometimes i would have to wave my hand around a bit for them to even notice, which was really annoying.

Crush V came in the middle to send in a note or something and we made eye contact but he acted like he didn’t even know me. yeah, barred

finished ok, it went really boring, honestly. some bill about forcing all immigrants to learn english. there was one realllllly good speaker with great eloquence and super convincing and he talked clearly but really fast. and he projected. and he made clear, organized points. i think he was a policy kid, or an LDer.

there was also a little asain kid who had to be i am not kidding at all may be 9 or 10. it was insane. and kind of cute cuz he couldn’t reach the podium,so he had to hold his papers, and you could see them shaking…..so cuttttee.

went back up. ate sandwich on the way. got back, and literally i walked in and the timer guy sees me and pulls me over and gives me another round. its like, are you kidding me? i got an LD round with some experienced judge. its good because i wanted to see what LD was like.

and its nothing like what i thought.

i thought it was all eloquence. and morals. and it is. buts its also more like policy than i thought. there was spreading, and links and link turns and impacts and maybe even a kritik.

and it was super sad. there was two asain kids, both novices, i think. but the guy was way experienced and he was really good, but that might just be because the girl was REALLY bad. you could tell she had no idea…i think it was her first round ever. she DROPPED CASE. and since LD is so short, she couldn’t bring it up in her next speech….sad. she got trampled. and she looked awful since she had a ton of long silences and awkward shuffling of papers.

anyway, ran the ballot up to the LD tab room. hung around for an hour with my friends, and ate food. went to the policy tab room where my friends the prez and the VP were tabbing….Friend A (VP) gave me a tour of the tabbing rooms, and i saw Crush V in the Congress Tab….yeah he doesn’t like me but i can still try to get him to be friends, right? sigh…

so yeah hung around. prez (guy friend J) was like, so i heard you love Friend A in a non-lez way, and you joined debate because of her (joking, of course) and i was like ‘no, i joined debate because of YOU….’ very witty of me, hmmm?

so it was freezing and the monster witch (also known as our debate teacher) cam around and got pissed at us for hanging in that tab room, and she was like, go be timers! but we had already gotten excused so we could go see a Policy Bid round, and so we were confused….but we ended up sneaking away and going to this insanely good team against this pitiful novice team. the insanely good team has 3 bids. 3 BIDS! and the novice team did not stand a chance.

btw i was friendly with the other novice guys on our debate team. i usually don’t talk to them, and we were joking and laughing and stuff. so thats good. there hope for me yet…

so yeah watched the first part of that round (they died. i died. i was trying to flow it but they were spreading so fast i couldn’t barely understand. i copied off a super smart guy thats partners with crush V)

left in the middle of the round, while the novice team looked like incompetent idiots, got my stuff, and got picked up by my dad. he sent me to piano, where i finally saw FRIEND M!!!! yay a….i havent seen her in forever, since she couldn’t come to my bday party, or our thanksgiving party and those are basically the two times i see her.

so we are against each other in the piano competition tommorw. we are playing the same song. she plays right after me. i play right after and bestie, but she is reallllly good. we are all at a disadvantage.

gonna get up at 5 tommorw so thats it


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