and finally….today

k well today was nothing special.

i woke too late for the mini workout. and good makeup. and for really trying, really, so i threw on a big zip-up hoodie and jeans and sneaks and just walked out literally with out touching my hair.

got to school, we switched seats in bio. i was sad, until i realized that my new seat was next to all the same people as before, plus with my friends from across the room right by me too. pretty awesome. I’m also next to this slightly nerdy smart guy (we have the top two highest grades in the class) and he was pretty nice…im glad i didn’t get any jerks.

4th went fun. we took a break so we basically played games the whole time. Silent ball, then awkward ball (for a long time) but i was sucky at that cause i was listening to my iPod. but i kept trying to get the guts to pass it to crush V, and when i did, i just kept doing it cause when i would look to throw it i would just make eye contact. then we played Zoo (ooooooneeeee, two,…… lets play ZOO!) and we all did animal hand signals right? so Crush V is being hilarious and he goes can i be a manatee? so his signal thing was going stiff, leaning to the side, and putting you hands down and making a stupid face. of course i was awful at the game, but on the first turn he passed it to me and that made me happy haha.

later we played the watermelon game from our church and it was a rocky start but we figured it out and it was pretty fun.

then lunch, which was really boring.

then 6th, which was awful as always. i got the guts to get up and ask to work with this girl who also works alone, but of course two minutes in she has to leave for soccer. the soccer team i didn’t make. ugh.

we are reading shakespeare and turns out its full of sexual innuendos…who knew?

got home, did homework, boring and fine.


looking for PGF C on fb but i can’t find him 😦 if i can’t find him we’ll probably never talk again since i don’t have any classes with him.




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