debate Day 2, piano, and band parade, yup super busy

so good and bad stuff.

i am going to put each day on a separate post for the sake of organization.

so this is day 2. i already blogged day 1.

alright, so i get up at like 5:30 so i can get ready and be there by 6:30. when i get there, all they have me do is odd jobs around, like slicing probably 80 bagels. and unloading tens of packages of donuts in to concessions. and getting the registration box with the popular girl from spanish, two friends, and one nice acquaintance.

later, we start rounds. i get pofo. again. it sucks. its like policy except less interesting and messed up times. i don’t even time, I’m just there for security. so i sit there, first watching two decently-bad teams, then one pretty good team against a pathetically bad team.

walked the judge back (asian, of course, and super similar to my mom) and ran to go to my piano competition. literally ran. my brother wouldn’t tell me his phone lock code, so i couldn’t use it, so i couldn’t call anyone! so yes, i ran home. in 68 degree weather. in skinny jeans, a thick hoodie, a thermal, and fur boots.

got home, screamed at my brother, panicky got dressed and practiced in what little time i had left. left for piano competition with my parent and grandparents.

got there, saw my friends! friend M played the same song as me, and i was really worried about that because she’s usually pretty good, but turns out she didn’t practice. at all. she was awful. i love her, and she’s one of my best friends, and i feel awful but she was probably the worst one there. my bestie E went and of course wowed everyone since she looks so young and even though her piece and level is two below me, it doesn’t look it. i was not that nervous, but there were some people that i thought were really good. but when it got to about the person before me, i got really nervous and started pounding and i did breathing exercises. it did not help that their song was very exciting.

so i go up there and once i start playing, i stop panicking. this always happens. it before thats the most nerve racking.

got through the song, even the parts i was worried about!

after, they posted the results after like 30 minutes. and i got FIRST! and i was so surprised because i honestly did not think me or any of my friends would place. as in, i had already ranked 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on my program. but i got first…..bestie E got 3rd…..haHA! she happy for me but she’s also mad.

rushed back to catch band. everyone was decorating their instruments for the parade (“it looks like Christmas threw up in here!”) and got dressed and stuff. got on the bus, talked. bestie E in a bad mood. got there, awkwardly stood next to other people as they chatted.

oh yeah. i don’t think some of the band people like me. like Xfriend A, and Girl L. but i can’t NOt like them because they like my friends. so we are supposed to be friends too. ironic because they were first friends with me…..

yeah, did the parade. got really tired of acting happy and smiling. playing the same two songs over and over for half an hour while walking probably a 2 miles while freezing to death will do that to you.

went back, changed, headed to debate. i was feeling really bad, like i had a throbbing headache and it got worse when i moved, and i was realllllly cold, and i just felt awful. we waited for like an hour to get a job, and i just curled up in a chair and closed my eyes. while everyone who doesn’t really know me probably thought i was antisocial or a freak or something. crush V goes “awwwww, ___ you look tired.” well, yeah, idiot. duh. no really.

i had to time pofo again. i slept. like, i literally did not care anymore.

walked the judge back, hung out in the tab room with some people who I’m pretty sure don’t like me, then my friends came. i went with them and got food and stuff. in the student room, people are coming back from rounds, and crush V comes in and sees me shivering and says ‘is it really THAT cold?’ and i go yes, and i look miserable and i am so not in the mood. and he says ‘you and friend J should cuddle. you know, for warmth, like penguins.’ and i am feeling horrible and sick and i just give him a shut-up look, while my friend goes ‘oh no, but why don’t you and crush V snuggle?” yeah, still not in the mood. i ignore them both.

we wait around in there for the retarded teacher, and its 11:30, and everyone except like 5 decide to ditch. so we walk out, and i get a ride home from friend J.

come home, frozen, walk up, take the longest hot shower ever, and i almost pass out when i swoop down to pick up the towel. my mom comes in and say good night and she finds out, hey, i have a FEVER! hmmmm maybe thats why i felt like crap! so that night i am super shivering cold, i wake up every half hour and jump out of bed because i feel delirious, and then I’m so hot i have to take off my PJs. fun fun.


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