another pleasant day 2-4-6

woke up and decided to go back to another go-to outfit of mine: black cardigan (with pushed up sleeves), two scarves (skulls and flowers to lighten it up), white tank,and jeans. hair looked awful but i just left it.

did some of my mini workout but my mom woke up and started nagging me. she was really annoying this morning. i know she means well, but it just makes me feel spiteful towards her when she nags everything i do.

so i ate cereal. got my lunch (supa healthy, bread with hummus, two tomatoes, 3 tangerines, banana, and granola bar.) went to school, 2nd period. found that my friend AH decided to ditch me, so my loyal friend S (who is one of my besties) came to sit next to me instead. the dud next to me Guy T is really nice, and we talked and stuff. he’s actually cool; i like him. he’s from the other coast, and moved here for soccer and is living with a friend. he’s a sophomore, and he’s on JV. pretty good. he’s also smart (like i said) and he hates the class because its so easy. same.

i was feeling very generous that day and i helped out a ton of people on their work, and actually helped, not let them copy. even the annoying kid that preaches all the time and is really stupid.

plus i listened to music and i showed guy T and friend S some awesome songs (cough syrup, clangor and flutes, SAIL!) stupid guy T wouldn’t ell me what music he listened to so i showed him a ton of random genres…..thats what you get when you say ‘oh, i listen to anything.’ i hate that.

went to the bathroom like always and saw sort-of-on-and-off friend AF. she told me that she saw Crush V, and other sort-of-on-and-off friend LT…, ill write it in a convo.

AF:hey crush V!

V: Hey AF.

LT: wait, is that the guy that likes _____?

AF: yeah, but….

LT (to V): hey, AF’s been trying to get you and _____ to hook up.

V: haha, no i could never be with her. her food is disgusting.


WHAT?! my food is only slightly weird, no disgusting, plus he tried my sandwich and he actually liked it!


whatevs. at least he didn’t say anything like: ‘____?! no way, she’s so annoying.”

so i take it as a good thing. sort of.

anyway, on the debate. crush V talked to me a bit, but not much. he showed me this weird 1 dollar coin that was so fake looking but he said it was real. and then he showed me a penny he chemically changed. and then later he was just staring at me and i didn’t realize it but when i looked up he was and it was sort of creepy so i gave him a weird look. and he cracked up.

whatevs. anyway, we practiced: guess what? SPREADING YAY!


so everyone was just practicing, you know, against the wall, and I’ve discovered my weird spreading habit. i stand with feel apart, one forward and i rocked back and forth with like a swagger-like thing and i hit my hand by my side sort of like rappers do in the air. weird, right? i look like I’m gonna break out rappin’ like eminem. haha.

so yeah i don’t realize it but the varsity are watching me and apparently I’m decent for a first timer. so they are like, why don’t you do it in front of the class? NONONONONO

i say, but it doesn’t work, everyone is looking all expectant at me so i just go up and try. he stops me and says i have the flow down pretty good, like i knew pretty good when to breathe and stuff and i was pretty fast and really clear. and then they started teasing me because apparently asain girls are always boss at spreading …..

yeah so after he decides to give us a break and we just talk for the rest of the time and i eat my lunch.

lunch i first go to a club with my friend, which ends up ending in like 5 minutes. so we go back. i walk with some friends down to the office, then back up. then i go to the bathroom with a friend. then i go to the lunch line with a friend. then i get dragged to the bathroom with another friend. then i almost get dragged to the lunch line again. but i get out of it.

anyway, the good news is that one of my friends needs tutoring for math! yay! I’ve been waiting for a job for forever.

go to 6th, and boring like always. we continue romeo and juliet, work it partners, blahblahblah.

go out to wait, and my parents are super late. so i play around on my bros crutches (which are insanely tall so i have to get a running start to get over them) and embarrassingly super shy guy K (dude who literally says hi to me every single time i see him. with a little wave. literally the same fact thing every time. but he’s nice. ) sees me.

i show my bro the awesome songs mentioned above.

get home, sign up for health online (Finally! been meaning to do that for about 2 months, but i just keep forgetting) and ate lentil soup. yummmmmmmm

math test tommorow…i like life.


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