yet another boring pleasant day 1-3-5

i woke up, wore yet another i-couldnt-care-less outfit, because i really couldn’t. i just don’t feel like trying this week… hoodie jeans and sweater. all in grayish-blue and grey.

blah, blah, went to school. went to 1st, my friend P wasn’t there. i didn’t really care that much because i was just so tired and bored. i listened to my iPod……

friend P walked in late. cool with me. again, kind of out of it today. had to pee literally the entire period, but i just couldn’t bring myself to go.

went and finally copied my insurance card for debate (haha like 3 months late). Prez said hi to me, and called me a mix of my name and Crush v’s nickname…..weird?

went to 3rd, 3rd went boring. SNK C was sad today, don’t know why. we had flute duets today since the mentally challenged one went to his weird mentally challenged thing that he has sometimes. he really gets on my nerves….today he was pacing around in circles stomping on the floor and coming closer to my sitting place with each circle. then he stops short and stares at me and goes ‘are you looking at me???!!!!’ well, yes, freak, I’m staring at you since you look insane and creepy. he then says ‘i think you should mind your own business, and not just STARE at me.” well dude i was minding my own business, who’s the one talking? whatever. i wish i could feel bad for him, but he’s just so mean.

anyway SNK C was sad, i think partly because i kicked his butt at duets. we would switch parts, and he would always screw up and we would spend the whole time stopping because of him, while i played it fine. i feel mean, but haHA!

went to lunch. ate lunch. or what was left of my lunch, at least. talked to friend AD. she is so pretty, and i don’t think I’ve noticed that before i guess since I’ve known her forever, but really, she is gorgeous.

talked to my asians. they always make fun of me. ugh, i know they’re joking but sometimes it just gets old.

went to math, took a test. didn’t know quite who to sit next to, since i know a few people, but they know other people better so its awkward when I’m around. i finished 1st. i think thats a good thing.

did my enlgish homework and finished it. i had over an hour left of class, after all.

went home, ate greek yogurt and my signature berry ice cream with some granola. bad move. I’m shivering now.

got nothing to do, nowhere to go. i kind of wish i was busy and stressed again.


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