another one….

well woke up yet again and my mom decides to nag me about ‘resting so my immune system can get the energy it needs to properly defend….etc, etc.’


so i did not do the work out. if i keep this up, my abs are going to completely disappear! the progress on my lower abs are already gone…


so i wore this sort of low cut shirt, but i wore it up higher (awkwardly, it bunched up above my boobs) and i kept everything else androgynous. jeans, and a hoodie and sneaks. nothing provocative here!


had the worst cough all day. i don’t really get it. there is no mucus, no nothing. literally, its totally dry. the thing is, every time i breathe in too much or like when i take a deep breath, i automatically get a huge urge to cough. and if i don’t, i sound like I’m suffocating and i end up making this weird noise….so yeah. really bothering me. plus everyone in my family is making me eat medicine and drink these weird chinese teas.


so headed to 2nd. friend S sat next to me but got busted by the professor. Guy T seemed down today, but i found that his team lost 3-1 and he wasn’t a starter….and it must suck to move across the US for soccer and not be a starter…..but I’m not really quite sure why he was so down.


we basically finished this lab, which i already finished like last class so i basically got a head start on homework.


halfway through, friend AH and friend SS switched back again. we ate all my pesto bread.


Guy T was standing outside later waiting for someone, and he looked so sad i just wanted to say hi and give him a hug.


went to the bathroom, blah. went to debate and crush V wasn’t there. i knew he wasn’t going to, but confirming it was just ugh. sort-of friend A said ‘awwww, crush V’s not here to make fun of you.” haha. funny. and i said he didn’t make fun of me, at least not anymore. and she said that he said that he makes fun of me. which means they’ve talked about me. i wonder what else they said. 


blah. she’s decided that he used to like me, but not anymore.


so yeah we practiced spreading a bit, then had a politics disad lecture, and then more blah stuff. i ate all my food.


then we went to lunch and i went to the library to check out the tutoring and volunteering and stuff so i don’t completely waste my winter season. its pretty much set.


then english blah. boring like always, and my partner wasn’t here so i got up the guts to join another group. one of them was a girl that used to be on my all-star soccer team, and made the school team. now its just awkward. and she talked about the team the whole time. yeah, awkward.

but it went fine and i brushed it off so it was fun.


watched romeo and juliet movie act 1. its insane how hot romeo is, and how young juliet is. she looks 10! its like rape!


went home, went to piano. i took a break, so it was awful. went to costco and bought food. went home. ate. went to the band party. got there late.


crush T (wow, its been awhile) was there in the band room with another guy (everyone else was outside) and he sees me and i ask where everyone is and he tells me. they were doing something really weird, and i said ‘whoa, i have to see this.” and he awkwardly patted me on the back and said ‘go and have fun’ with this weird smile…….mixed signals much? sometimes he’s great and nice, and others he avoids me and totally ignores me….plus the whole party he was running around being pumped up with his friends.


anyway, changed to my onesie. pretty awesome.

played white elephant, i didn’t. my friend got the pillow pet.


and i was checking out this singing sock monkey, and right when the girl hands it to me everyone goes quiet and stares at me holding this monkey. so awkward, so i crack up to break the silence and everyone joins in. what else do you do it awkward moments like that?


watched ELF. best movie ever. sat up front with my friends. coughed the whole time.


cleaned up, went home. watched TV (WOWP! heck yeah, I’m cool) ate veggies, and i have no life and nothing to do tommorw 🙂


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