nice sat

woke up today with no ambition and laziness galore. i really thought i would do absolutely nothing today.

unfortunately, destiny had other plans for me.

i got up around 7:30 and ate breakfast. realized i have a piano recital tomorrow (it sort of got drowned out by the competition.) and i practiced piano for a while. I’m picking up my other songs that i have been neglecting recently because of the competition, including the fantasie-impromtu. awesome song. its getting a lot better.

played flute too. haha I’ve been neglecting that lately a lot too. as in this was the first time practicing in about…..a month. i think my sound is annoying airy lately.

went upstairs and did my workout (i made the mistake of asking my mom if i could go running this morning….of course she said no and freaked because i ‘need to give my body the proper energy it needs to defend myself from blahblahblah….’ so i did a long workout with like 50 pushups and 200 crunches and stuff. plus i coughed all day. turns out coughing is a great ab workout because i am super sore now.

got ready to go to a free concert in the downtown area. so i looked in the mirror and i was so not in the mood to be pretty. but i looked absolutely awful, like a real freaky monster mess. one eye was red and i had a huge honking mountain of a pimple smack dab right in the middle of my forehead. whatever, you know? why not flaunt it? i clipped my bangs back and put some blue eyeliner on to slightly undo the redness (just looked weirdly patriotic  haha) and walked out in my androgynous hoodie and jeans.

drove there with my grandparents and mom and two brothers (of course not my dad) and we squished into the 5-seater car. when we were little we would squish like 8 people into that very car, but we have all doubled in size and it doesn’t work quite as well now…

got there, parked and walked there. it was an ok concert. but it was free, so hey its ok. there were two pianists set up opposite each other so that the pianos fit together…really cool to watch them sometimes play the same thing and it looked like a mirror. except i feel like they were wasted since it looked quite easy.

they played tchaikovsky’s carnival collection thing. you know, the one with the dinosaur song? with the awesome xylophone part? except they put it to children’s poetry. which sort of ruined it for me. I’m a classic girl.

then they played this other original song which literally put me to sleep. and the rest of the time i was hacking and retching and coughing awfully and tearing up from it. sort of distracting.

then we went out to eat. before we hung out in this little park by the harbor, and i climbed trees and looked mellow while my bros threw a football around.

we ate at a fish market restaurant. great view, or at least it would have been except the sun was right in our eyes….

i have a money problem, as you might know by now, so i ordered the cheapest thing, which turned out to be thresher shark. it was ok.

i ate a ton of bread (my fav is with olive oil and vinegar swished and soaked) and now I’m not gonna eat dinner. wayyyyy too stuffed, and I’m pretty sure i ate like 100 calories.

but anyway, i was cold and tired so i put up my hood and zipped up ALL the way, plus with my freaky blue eyeliner and crappy hair and pimples, i bet i looked like and really skinny freaky boy. haha…

anyway i acted all grownup and asked for the bread and the bill and ordered for everyone and stuff. I’m the youngest one. the waitress was awfully fake with her smile and demeanor.

went home, slept on the way. closed my eyes, suns out, open and we’re home and its totally dark. freakkkkky

showered, painted my nails brown (yes, brown!) and just moped around. doing homework now.


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