beethoven’s ninth

yup. just saw it. it kicks butt.

so i got up around 9:30, headed down around 10. ate cereal. we didn’t go to church today.

so i practiced piano. decided to shadow play some old songs from my old books. pretty fun. i did that for about an hour. i was just thinking: if i teach piano, and i come across a song that i suck at playing, how am going to teach it to my student? not that i have students right now, or that there is any sign at all of anyone showing interest in being my student, but someday….

so yeah. ate more cereal, and went to my recital. i wore black jeans and this retro-awesome dark red blouse-thing that has this great 70’s vibe. it had shoulder pads, but i cut them out.

got there, SNK K was there. i asked him how the debate tournament went, and he said he went 5-0! see, super boss asain. but he dropped out in semis 😦

played my song. kind of sucked, but thats ok. when i went to finish, i forgot i was wearing jeans so i started to grab my nonexistent skirt and curtsy, before i remembered and awkwardly changed paths into a jerky bow-thing. yeah. I’m cool.

driving to towards downtown, i was talking with my mom, and she said that SNK K called our house with my brother and tried to say hi to me. huh? yeah, strange kid. i wonder if they talk about me….i hope not.

met up with my bro K and my mom’s friend, and we drove down to downtown. got there just in time

the 1st movement was great; i love how the melody was echoed all over the place. second movement was my favorite; i loved the opening attention grabber. the DUH-duh, DUH-dun…… with the strings instruments.

third i sort of zoned out, slow songs…..i have to know the tune.

then in the third, the big opening off-harmony chord was great. but then the choir came in! frankly, i think they’re annoying. i like hearing the instruments….i know thats naive of me, but i like hearing the instruments. but i absolutely fell in love with the awkward silence after the weird climax in the middle, and the out-of-place woodwind solo. and how the whole orchestra joined in gradually until they ended up careening off into this huge grand thing….

yeah, i love beethoven.

my poor brother, though, has zero music appreciation, so he was practically falling asleep. haha…

we drove home. on the way, my brother stopped for this really popular local burger shop. imagine that….’yeah, i just picked up double-bacon burger on the way home from watching beethoven’s ninth symphony.’

while he did that, my mom forced me to go to the gym and sit in the steam room. in skinny jeans, a blazer, a fancy blouse, and fur boots. torture. i hated it. it feels like you are suffocating! but it is supposed to cure my cough problem, so i dealt with it. sort of. if panicking and hyperventilating and running out counts..

went and picked up chipotle. amazing. they get smaller every time i go there, though. i had to keep asking for more and more beans….like 4 scoops. sort of embarrassing when my burrito got so big it broke open and they had to rewrap it while the line got longer and longer.

got home, ate it (YUM) and then something hit me. how many calories was in that?

i got on the internet. and i died.

it was like 800 calories! and like 30 grams of fat! (well at least it was mostly good fat from the guacamole.)

i don’t know how I’m going to live.


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